Got a Minute?

Okay quick: what do you see when you look at this picture? A modern-day, normal family, right?

Now look again: what do you really see? How about a parent busily checking something most likely “important” on their phone, another parent frustratingly looking at her watch, looking at the seconds wasted just ticking by, and a child, taking it all in, wondering if her parents have “got a minute?”.

Brutal. True. How often has that sweet, fun spirited girl been one of my daughters? Probably a lot.

But no guilt here! The band Milkshake is all about reviving the family, getting them to connect through 33 cool, hip songs that manage to pack an artistic, witty punch in under two minutes. They know how fast time flies when you’re having fun raising your kids so a lot of their songs are retrospective of the childhood years from toddler to tween.

When Mikel and Lisa started Milkshake, it was with the idea of creating a series of CDs that would reflect their children’s journey through childhood. Each CD has featured their children in someway. In Got a Minute? Lisa’s daughter plays and sings her original song, “One Day,” Mikel’s son, Eric, plays drums on “One of a Kind,” and they both sing in the kid choruses of “Workin’ Kid Blues” and “Hiccup”. How neat is it to have their children documented in such a musical and poignant way?!

Released on March 26, Got a Minute? is Milkshake’s fifth studio CD. At $12.98 for 54-minutes of pure entertainment, you really cannot go wrong. You’ll find you and your kids humming and singing along to these songs wherever you go–as long as you’ve Got a Minute!

Visit Milkshake at or on Facebook.

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  1. Sadly that image is so true!

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