Give the Gift of Friendship with My Friendship Bracelet Maker {Review}

My kids have been blessed to be surrounded by many friends in their young lives.  My daughter- like most girls- loves to hang out with her best friends, and they even have best friend necklaces they wear.  They often make cards, pictures, and gifts for each other, so when we had a chance to review the My Friendship Bracelet Maker, I knew she’d love it.

The kit comes with everything you need to make many bracelets- 60 pre-cut strings in 14 different colors, a butterfly clip that secures the strings when knotting, and a string holder below to help keep track of what strings/colors come next.

The instructions were easy to understand, and 6-year-old Brooke was ready to get started immediately.  I let her choose what colors she wanted to use first, and she immediately chose red, white, and blue.  The next day we would be going to vote, and she wanted to have a red, white, and blue bracelet to wear when we went. (So proud of her!)

Learning to tie the knots took a bit of effort.  I sat with her the entire time, and when I’d see that she was starting to do it incorrectly I’d tell her to double check and she’d get it fixed.  I had a few things to do, so when I thought she had it figured out pretty well I left her to do it on her own.  After a while she came to me asking for help, and we had to untie a few knots and backtrack a bit, but we got it all squared away and she got back to it.  She took a few breaks throughout the day, but had it finished in time for voting the next day.  The more she did it, the better she got.  Of course it wasn’t perfect like she wanted, but she did an amazing job for her first time!

She has since started a ‘camo’ bracelet for a friend of ours being deployed to Afghanistan next week.  She’s added two more colors to it so it’s taking a bit more work, but she is quite proud of herself.  I know our friend will love it too.

Next she’ll be making friendship bracelets for her best friends and giving them as gifts.  And I’ll be honest; I would love to try my hand at it too, especially after seeing the awesome patterns that can be made on the bracelets!!

After having reviewed the My Friendship Bracelet Maker I can say, without a doubt, that I know it would make a fantastic gift for boys and girls alike.  Not only is it fun, but it encourages creativity and giving.  Boy style clipboards are available (so they don’t get stuck with a pink and purple butterfly clipboard).  The My Friendship Bracelet Maker can be purchased at specialty toy and craft stores including Michaels Stores.

This product was provided free of charge to Alesha. These are her honest opinions on the product.  Please see my Terms of Use for more info.

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