Gifts for Little Explorers

Having two boys in the house means that we are never at a loss for adventure and activity!  On any given day you can find them on a hunt for dinosaurs or pulling out all of the pretend tools in order to fix up whatever may be broken.  One thing is certain, if the weather is nice outside that is where they would prefer to be (and I am so happy)!

So, if you are looking for some fun gift ideas for the little explorers in your life you will want to check out my eBay collection called Little Explorers.  This collection was so much fun for me to put together because I could just see the boys eyes lighting up in my mind.  I could envision all of the fun we would be having as a family and thinking about where their creative minds would take them.

Little Explorers

Adventure Pack//Land’s End Sleeping Bag//tent//Paul Frank Walkie Talkies//Western Teepee


Any true outdoor explorer is going to need a compass, binoculars and a flashlight.  Those items are musts, right?  To make it even better, these are in green so that your adventure seekers can blend in.  A cozy sleeping bag will serve them well even when they are not camping.  Maybe they just want to have a special movie night in the living room all snuggled up.  A camo tent will make sure to keep their incognito status while keeping the bugs at bay and walkie talkies give brothers a way to play spies!  Watch out for who may be hiding in the teepee or just have a cool place to read outdoors.

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  1. What cute gift ideas! I especially love those little Paul Frank walkie talkies! All kids love walkie talkies :)

  2. Adorable ideas for both girl and boy little explorers. I love toys that teach kids to think.

  3. My kids are teens, but they still love hiking through our woods. I bet those walkies talkies would work far better than their cells. Great gift ideas.

  4. that little sleeping bag is just the CUTEST thing ever!!

  5. These are GREAT ideas! My son would love everything, especially that Teepee!

  6. These are all wonderful ideas to get kids into expanding their interest in adventure and learning in the process.

  7. this is the cutest gift ever! I am sure it would keep any boy busy. Do you have a girl version?

  8. What great ideas…I just know the boys would love all of these. It looks like it would evoke a lot of fun activities.

  9. That teepee is just adorable. My son would have loved that!

  10. So cute. My boys would love all of these things; they love to explore as well!

  11. Love the gift ideas – Lucas would love all of them! I especially love the tee-pee – that would be so cute to set up in our home.

  12. katherine says:

    My daughter would love all of these ideas!

  13. Oh I love the tee pee. Such a cute idea. I would love it for the girls in the playroom

  14. I’m not sure if my husband or son would enjoy a Land’s end sleeping bag more, but they would both adore this little explorers gift! What a fun collection of items perfect for an outdoorsy Christmas gift.

  15. What little man wouldn’t want most everything in that collection? You’re good at this!

  16. These are some fun gift ideas, especially the tee-pee!

  17. My little boys are so active. I think they’d love everything in your collection.

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