Gifts for Girls- Color Splasherz Purse Set and Flower Power Light Show

Being a girl my daughter loves pretty things.  Jewelry, flowers, butterflies… You name it.  So when we were sent the Color Splasherz Purse Set and the Flower Power Light Show she, of course, couldn’t wait to try them!

First we wanted to try the Color Splasherz Purse Set. This set is actually a kit to create your own necklaces and bracelets. You use egular beads as well as color changing beads that are supposed to change colors with hot and cold water, allowing you to create different designs on the beads and truly personalize your jewelry.  This is a super cute idea and we were very excited to get started.

We got the set out and got all set up with our towels, hot and cold water, q-tips and paper towels for decorating, and the beads spread out.  Per the directions, the hot water should be at least 95* or hotter (but not boiling), and the cold water should be at least 59* or cooler.  I went so far as to get out our thermometer to be sure I had the right temps, and it was actually even better than their minimum.  We were all set to get started.

Unfortunately it didn’t take us long to become very frustrated with it.  We followed the directions to a tee, but the color splasherz beads and pendants just didn’t want to change color very well. It worked great dipping into the hot water, but the ice water (no matter how much ice I put in it) took a long time to change the color of the beads.  The stickers included in the set are meant to be cut in the shapes you want, then go on the pendants (which have been dipped in hot water first).  You are then supposed to quickly dip the pendant in ice water and then remove the stickers.  We tried that and it didn’t work. I even added more ice, but it took sitting in the ice water for quite a few minutes for the pendant to even begin to change colors, and that made the entire pendant change colors by then.  Removing the stickers was not easy since they were soaked, and what was left was a sticky mess on the pendant which took some work to get off. I decided to watch the demo on the website, and the beads appear to work exactly how the instructions state they will, so I’m wondering if maybe we got a bunk batch or something?

We did find that using an ice cube on the pendant worked very well and very quick.  However, the color faded quite a bit after sitting for a while, and if you barely touched the front of the pendant with your fingers it made the color change back to the “hot” color.  Very frustrating.  Brooke just kept saying how bummed she was that it wasn’t working like it should, especially when she felt she created something she loved just to have it disappear.

All that said, Brooke loved stringing the beads on the necklace and bracelet.  We did manage to create a fun design that stayed for a while, and Brooke is looking forward to getting to create more.  Yes, these can be dipped and changed over and over again for endless creations!

Next we anxiously grabbed the Flower Power Light Show to check out!

This is an adorable light (night light) with Orbeez used to help create a fun light show!  We followed the directions, assembling the flower and then waiting as patiently as possible overnight for the Orbeez to grow to the proper size.  Orbeez are super neat and help teach the kids a bit of science too.

Orbeez are superabsorbent polymers—that means they are made of several
smaller molecules joined together. With the addition of water they can
grow to more than 100 times their volume.

Check out how much these grew overnight!

Once they were ready I added them to the light set and got it ready to be used later that night.

This light has color changing LED’s and something inside that also swirls the Orbeez around, creating a colorful moving light show on the ceiling!

The kids were in awe, as was I! It was so pretty and mesmerizing.  I took a picture of the ceiling but it doesn’t even begin to show how neat it is. As you can see in the photo below though, the kids were amazed.

The only issue we had with this was trying to determine who got to have it in their room! The final verdict? MOM! Haha!  Okay, so this isn’t totally true. I got it first because I wasn’t in the mood to choose someone and listen to the others complain, but they’re all taking turns and are thrilled.  We may have to get a few more though, cause they all just love it so much!

This product was provided free of charge to Alesha.  Please see my Terms of Use for more info.

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