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Christmas is almost here and my Facebook and Instagram feed is full of wonderful decorations and happy baked goods!  I love seeing everyone’s ideas and often find inspiration from all of the fantastic creations I see.  We decorate our own home starting Thanksgiving day.  We have so much fun hunting down the perfect tree and then bringing out all of the lights and shimmer.  It is a family tradition that is great to see the boys get into.

printable bunting

One thing I like to do is find a new free printable banner for our mantel every year.  This year I found the most unique and adorable one from Team Kitten.  The red and white are a perfect match for my stockings and I love that it doesn’t scream “Christmas” but hints at it.  I’ve actually received quite a few compliments on this particular bunting this year.  I used simple twine to hang it from each end of our stocking hooks.  If you don’t have a mantel this would look adorable strung across a main window or the top of your kitchen cabinets.

free vintage santa gift tags for Christmas

I have found that printing off my decorations and Christmas needs has saved me tons of money and time.  If you have the right programs and a little time you can even create some fun ideas if you aren’t finding what you like online.  For instance, does Santa wrap gifts at your home?  He does for our kids and he likes to make his gifts extra special.  Santa seems to like vintage (he is 1,743 years old after all), so the gift tags I created have a vintage flair to them.  Just download, print these cuties off, punch a hole in the top and have Santa tie these to his gifts.  Easy, cute and unique!  Trust me, Santa is going to thank you.

hp envy 5530

We were able to print all of these off seamlessly with our new HP ENVY 5530 e-All-in-One Printer.  I even sent the bunting to the printer from my phone!  Because the printer is wireless it works with all of the devices in our home and has been really reliable over the past few weeks of use.  I also really enjoy the quality of the photos that are printed from the ENVY.  I can scan photos directly to my mobile device as well as view them easily with the almost 3 inch color touchscreen monitor as well as find fun crafts to print off for the boys with the included apps.

hp envy touchscreen

The main problem I have with a printer is keeping ink on hand and available when I need it.  Luckily, HP now has Instant Ink.  That means that HP will be monitoring my ink levels wirelessly and will send a new shipment when the levels get low.  The plan is based upon pages printed instead of ink levels which means you will save up to 50%.  For instance, we are moderate printers (100 pages per month).  That means we would need the $4.99 a month plan which saves us $180 a year once you break it all down!  If you only print every once in a while you can enroll for only $2.99 per month.  In my opinion, this is an excellent savings as well as sanity saver.  I am always running out of ink at the most inconvenient times and now it will be waiting on me when I need it!

hp envy 5530 e-all-in-one

Stay tuned for even more fun craft and family ideas brought to you via my new HP products.  I will also have a huge giveaway to share so keep an eye out!

These products were sent free of charge from HP.  These ideas and opinions are all my own.  Please see my terms of use for more info.

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  1. Super cute Xmas tags. And wow – that printer sure can shoot off some prints. We need power like that!

  2. I NEED that printer! Adding it to my Christmas wish list now. 😉 We are always running out of ink after stores have closed, middle of the week, of course!

  3. Your gift tags are adorable! I love using printables to create holiday decorations as well – they make the house seem very festive!

  4. Now that is something different that I have not seen yet. And I like new things to try!
    thanks for the info,

  5. Love the printable stuff I need that printer. I have a decent printer but never tried anything other than printing paper from the web maybe I need to step my game up on the one I have and see what it can do

  6. I have an HP Printer too and love it, but it’s not this one. Thanks for sharing these pretty Santa gift tags!

  7. That banner looks great…and so perfect on your mantle.

    And, the cards sure are cute, too. I wonder if I have enough ink to print them out?

  8. We begin decorating on Thanksgiving evening too! I love the vintage Santa tags – I have never considered downloading my own gift tags. I usually just get the adhesive ones from the store. I am going to start printing now so I’ll have some ready for next year.

  9. LOVE your banner! I have to say, we’ve been in the market for a printer for awhile now and you just sold me on the HP ENVY 5530 e-All-in-One Printer, I love that it works with every device!! I just ordered one 🙂

  10. Instant Ink?! What will they think of next?! My husband and I could have totally used this last night as he ran out of ink right in the middle of printing out his final exam paper for class. Talk about inconvenience! If we had this printer, though, we wouldn’t have been hunting down ink at midnight…

  11. These Free Printable Vintage Santa Gift Tags are super cute! I’m pretty impressed with the HP ENVY 5530 e-All-in-One Printer, too! We have a wireless HP printer as well, but it’s not new. I’d like a new one!

  12. I love Vintage Santa! Thanks for sharing – so cute!

  13. These are all so cute. I hate the printer I have. It never works and its brand new!

  14. i adore those tags!! we had a santa figure growing up that looked just like that one!!

  15. That ink monitoring shipment situation is the BEST! My printer won’t print at all if I run out of even one color. It doesn’t matter if I force it to print black, it still won’t print if blue or yellow or red is empty. So maddening! This would be a good thing to have.

  16. Gift tags are always what I forget. These printables are super cute! I’ll be printing some of them when I get to wrapping.

  17. These are so cute! I’m the person that always runs out of gift tags and ends up writing on the presents with permanent marker. These are totally replenish-able. 🙂

  18. These are such great ideas! I love making my own stuff for the holidays!

  19. Very cute craft. I love anything Christmas vintage. I love my HP printer, but the Envy looks amazing. I would love to be able to print from my phone.

  20. I love that you printed to the printer from your phone! That is crazy convenient! I love your adorable crafty decorations too. Can I come stay at your house for Christmas? It looks so cozy and right out of a story book!

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