Free Printable Valentine Card: Maze theme

Ok, I told you guys that there would be more Valentine ideas coming from the few things I picked up about 2 weeks ago.  I already showed you all the Chocolate Covered S’mores that we used the heart sprinkles on and today I have something very special in store!  A free printable Valentine that is gender neutral!

I spotted these adorable plastic heart shaped mazes at Michael’s for about $2.99 for 18.  There are exactly 18 kids + Graham in his class so it couldn’t get anymore perfect.  As soon as I saw these the corny, yet cute phrases started flooding my mind.  “You’re an AMAZE-ing friend!” and “You know the way to my heart, Valentine” were my two favorites.  So, I combined these phrases to come up with the free printable Valentine you can use with your heart shaped mazes.  What a fun Valentine card idea that does not involve candy (since so many schools do not allow candy anymore).

free printable valentine maze

Materials Needed:

  • Free printable Valentine (teacher or friend)
  • Heart shaped mazes (Michael’s or other craft stores)
  • ZOTS (clear adhesive dots found at the craft store)
  • Card stock (preferably white)


  1. Print off the free printable Valentine cards (teacher or friend) and cut them out.
  2. Apply about three ZOTS on the back of the heart shaped maze and stick to the center of the card.
  3. Have your child sign his or her name at the bottom near the heart!

Another fun way to use these is to snap a photo of your child holding their hands out.  You can use a photo editing software or free site (like in order to turn your picture into a card.  Just use your ZOT dots and adhere the heart maze to your child’s photo so that it looks like he or she is holding it!

Maze Valentine Idea Creative Valentine

So easy and such a cute idea for the little ones!  So, for basically $2.99 and some change you have cute, original Valentine’s for your child’s classmates.  Also, don’t forget the teachers!  Never ever forget the teachers.  Ever.

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  1. Betty Baez says:

    I love it!!! michaels has awesome stuff i get trapped in there for a good hour everytime i go

  2. I love it! What a great card for the teacher!

  3. So cute!


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