Free Printable Valentine Bag Toppers + Frank Sinatra

The older Graham gets the more I struggle with the whole Valentine thing.  I like to keep it free of candy just because there are so many allergies and really, what parent wouldn’t thank me for NOT sending home red dye?  I know that I am already cringing thinking about all the red that will pumping through his blood stream that day.  So, for some reason the song Jeepers Creepers by Frank Sinatra was playing in my head a few weeks ago (so random, but so are my thoughts) and I had a brainstorm!

I used one of the graphics I purchased from Clementine Digitals for this one as well.  It is from the same batch I used for Davis’s fox Valentines.

Free Printable Valentine Bag Toppers

  1. PRINT the bag toppers.
  2. CUT along the border.
  3. FOLD in the middle.
  4. SIGN on the back.
  5. STAPLE to a plastic snack sized bag filled with a peeper.
  6. GIVE to your friends!

We purchased our peepers from Amazon for next to nothing for a batch of 12.

And here’s a little Frank for you 🙂  Or maybe I should’ve included My Funny Valentine

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  1. What a fabulous idea! Love all of the Valentine’s Day crafts for kids lately!!

  2. I love those! I love Valentine’s that don’t involve candy/sugar and seriously, what kid wouldn’t love to play with these? Awesome.

  3. Those are really cute, and I bet the parents (and teacher) will thank you. 🙂

  4. They are cute!

    I tried convincing my two, to have us get wooden rulers and make Valentines that say, “You Rule!” I was excited to throw our own twist on it. Then I heard Mica say, “No candy! Mom! I want to pass out candy not rulers. How will those Valentines fit in people’s boxes?” Isaak said, “I don’t get it!” I was heart broken. Not really, but I thought I’d continue on with the Valentines theme – heart broken.

    We found tons of premade Valentines to my dismay downstairs. Getting multiple boxes through the years have left us extras. We used those along with dark chocolate Dove hearts.

    I agree with the no candy thing. They should make that a rule in schools. Force people to be a little more creative!

  5. Those are so adorable!
    Such a great idea!

  6. Those peepers are adoreable. I know my grandson would be using his hand like a puppet with the peepers on them.

  7. Those are such a great alternative to candy for Valentine’s Day! Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

  8. ok i LOVE the peepers. super cute!

  9. What a cute Valentine’s Day idea. Isn’t it funny how a song of something like that will spark an idea?!

  10. You are definitely on top of kids favorites list. Animals with glasses, my girls love them these days.

  11. Those are super cute Valentine’s. I’m sure my kids would love them.

  12. Those are cute, and great for boys or girls!

  13. This is SO cute! I love this idea.

  14. I like this idea. It is a little extra that makes a gift stand out and be special.

  15. This is super cute! I’ve been needing some bag toppers. Thank You!

  16. That is such a fun idea! I’m sure kids will love a Valentine’s Day gift like that.

  17. Those bag toppers are great. I like making my own packaging when it comes to Valentines Day. However, what I’m loving most is whatever you have in that bag lol!

  18. That ring is so funny! What a very creative valentine!

  19. Fun! I loved those little handy peepers when I was a kid! Are you an amazon affiliate? You should be leaving those links! 🙂

  20. I feel you on the whole candy thing. I feel some kind of way a out people giving my people giving my children candy at school. I really prefer they don’t have it for obvious reasons. I was thinking of doing something crafty for valentines this year instead of candy. Pinning this to my list of prospects!

  21. That’s EXACTLY the kind of thing kids love. What a perfect topper for Valentines!

  22. What a great idea. I would be one of those moms who would thank you for not sending home candy. The only time we do candy is at Halloween.

  23. there used to be a show when my 18yo was little called Oobi. it was these eyes on a hand and the whole show was them speaking some kind of weird made up language. We had the eyes for years, wonder if i could find the,

  24. Such a cute idea for Valentines! I like to do anything that isn’t candy!

  25. Felicia! These are so cute! LOVE! Going to pin now 🙂

  26. What a cute idea! I am with you on the red dyes…I would love other moms to realize this too.

  27. This is seriously so adorable! A great idea and I love that it’s not candy related!

  28. Cute Idea and I love that it really is dye free, allergy free, gluten free and sugar free 😉

  29. I love these. They are super cute and def something I would do with my kiddos.

  30. Super cute idea for Valentine’s Day!

  31. Cute peepers, I didn’t know they had these kind of toys. Might also be good as a stocking stuffer for the holidays.

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