Free Printable Fox Valentines

Davis became obsessed with the fuzzy tailed fox well before the song ever made it to the radio.  I mean, who could resist such a cute little fella anyway?  Davis currently owns a fox book bag, lunch box and softie (free pattern coming so stay tuned).

So, I thought it was only appropriate for him to also give out a few foxy Valentine’s Day cards!  I found the cute graphic from Clementine Digitals then made them into a cute little Valentine perfect for boys or girls.

The Cutest Free Printable Fox Valentine Cards!

If you are in a pinch for Valentine’s this year then make sure to print off these (because they are free) Hooray!  Just print, cut, sign and give to the cuties in your life.

This card also works well as a candy holder.  Just use scissors or a knife to cut two small slits in the heart (diagonally will work best).  Next, just slip your sucker in!  Ta-da!

Make sure to “Pin” this for future reference if you aren’t quite ready to print today.  So cute!

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  1. These are too cute. I love that his little hands are 3D and can actually hold the lollipop in place. Such a fun idea. My daughter hasn’t picked out her Valentines this year but I know she would really like this!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Awww, those are cute. My boys are obsessed with that song, so I bet they would get a big kick out of these.

  3. Awww, those are cute. My boys are obsessed with that song, so I bet they would get a big kick out of these.

  4. Those are so adorable!!! It’s almost enough to make me want to celebrate V-day!

  5. These really are the cutest. I’ve got to get my act together and nail down our Valentine’s plans since it’s less than a month away – and I do not want to be hard at work on February 13.

  6. Oh my! I love these, super cute. My youngest is obsessed with that song What Does the Fox Say, I bet he would have fun making these.

  7. Oh goodness. Those little fox Valentines are adorable. I love how you cut their hands out to hold a treat.

  8. Oh my gosh these are the cutest ever! My daughter hasn’t picked out her Valentines Day cards yet and she just so happens to be in love with that song, so Im going to have to show her these!

  9. those are ADORABLE! love how it hugs the pops

    i did a whole fox cake tutorial a while back in honor of this song

  10. What a cute idea. I love things that you can make yourself.

  11. The fox is….simply adorable! I know Miss A’s classmates would love to get this Valentine!

  12. That turned out so cute!! I love it!! Was it hard to cut at his hands or did you just use a box knife?

  13. I have seen a ton of printable Valentines recently and this is hands down my fave. I even like it more than the ones I have made myself. 🙂

  14. These are way cuter than any store bought version could ever be. And who isn’t fond of the fox?

  15. i guess foxes are the it animal right now. rightfully so, it’s adorable!

  16. Thanks a lot, now I have that song in my head!! i cannot show these to my kids or they will not stop singing! The card really is adorable though!

  17. OMG, Felicia – these are so cute! I pinned and will share on Twitter too! Thx for sharing!

  18. I am so obsessed with the “What Did the Fox Say” video! Those cards are just the cutest too.

  19. Those cards are so adorable! I’m in the process of creating my little M’s V-day cards but I don’t think they will be as cute as yours 🙂

  20. I am loving these! I’m pretty confident our family will NEVER buy store bought again. Super cute.

  21. I also have two boys and our last name is Fox! This is a perfect valentine for them. Thank you so much!

  22. Love these and thank you! My class theme is fox…Fambro’s Foxes! It has been a great year for finding all things fox! I will be using these for my teacher valentine to the class! Thanks again 🙂

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