Free Angry Bird Birthday Invitation Printables

Because Graham loves Angry Birds so much, we decided to throw an Angry Bird themed birthday party this year.  I wanted to create some fun invites and made these on the iPad!  There is a free app called Doodle Buddy and I literally doodled this and then re-sized the image in photoshop.  Just save the image (make sure to save as a .jpg file) and upload to your favorite photo printing site (Walgreens, Snapfish, CVS, etc).  These are sized to print a 5×7 flat card which will generally run about $10-$12 for 20.  I think that’s a great deal!  Simply customize them by writing in or using your own photo editing software.  Fun!

Here is the blank invite photo.  Take note of the customization above on Graham’s invite for inspiration:

Unsure on how to save?  Just hover over the photo above, right click and choose “save image”.  This is the image you will upload into your photo card making site.  Just choose a theme that says something like “full picture” and make sure it is vertical.  Also, a matte finish works best for writing and overall appearance.  You could also print these out on card stock.

I hope you guys enjoy!  If so, make sure to share with friends via Pinterest.  The easy “Pin it” tab is located at the top of this post.  Also, please fee free to link up your Angry Bird Birthday parties if you have blogged about them or share your ideas in the comments below.

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