Entering the Deep End; Emerging Stronger

Sometimes life is breathtakingly hard, y’all.

This week, my friends’ 6-year old son tragically lost his life in a swimming accident.

Struggling to make sense of it we grapple with grief and pray for perseverance and the peace that passes all understanding.

And then here  I find myself, days later, writing a review on an incredibly comfortable adult pool raft. I recall linking to SwimWays excellent tutorials on how to master swimming while keeping safety first. I find myself asking, “why?” more times than my toddler.

But I am reminded to choose life and to love others deeply. While we mourn with his parents, we find ourselves urgently pushing water safety on everyone. We are so grateful for SwimWays using their business to not just sell fun water toys and swimming tools but to also educate and help thousands of people who play in water every year.

Using SwimWays tips and resting in peace, I am less hesitant than perhaps I would be about taking my three daughters to the pool today. While I cannot full-out relax I try to ensure that my girls are having fun and are not afraid of the water.  They climb all over the SwimWays® Spring Float® Recliner pool float we were recently given. My mom and I try it out and I am surprised by how quickly it calms me. While my mom continues to supervise the girls’ play, the recliner float allows me to lean my head back, prop my feet up, and allow my waist to be enveloped by water. Ironically, I find myself breathing more deeply and praying more openly for this sweet and strong family.

Quickly I am jolted from my prayers as the girls scramble up and on top of me, begging me to give them a ride on the “bus” and asking again and again for me to twirl them until they’re dizzy. Cautiously, I allow myself to smile and enjoy these moments with my imaginative girls. We love the SwimWays® Spring Float® Recliner pool float and, to me, it will always be associated with a calming, prayerful place to rest.

This review has been, without a doubt, the heaviest and most serious review I’ve ever written. It felt over my head, as if I were struggling to swim in the deep end. I can sincerely say that I believe there is a purpose for all things, that prayers over and love on the family can help heal, and that we are given strength and confidence to boldly take that next breath, that next step in faith. With support systems and friends like SwimWays, we can become stronger and prepared.

Editor’s note: This item was sent to Allie free of charge.  These are her honest opinions and her whole heart.  Thank you Allie for being so honest with us.  I will keep this family in my thoughts and prayers.


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Allie is so grateful for the daily grace God, her husband and her children extend to her as she learns how to be a daughter of her Creator, a wife to her best friend, and a mother to her three sweet daughters. In her spare time, she loves to run and race competitively and read leisurely. Allie is not ashamed to admit that few things in her life would be accomplished without half a pot of coffee a day!

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  1. Betty Baez says:

    That is just heart braking! My condolences to the family. I hear stories like this all the time and I fill myself with worry.

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