Encouraging the Spirit of Giving with Kids #GivingTuesday

Tuesday was a special day for me.  I ended up taking the day off from work and was excited to have a moment of time together with my children like I did before I went back to work full time.  Gift of all gifts, I was also given a 2 hour delay which meant even more time with Graham (he’s in elementary school).  We spent the morning taking our time getting ready, racing the electric cars that daddy set up a few nights before and snuggling a little longer.

From one turkey to another, happy Thanksgiving eve!

The rest of the day was filled with a flurry of getting Davis to a few moments of preschool while I shopped for Thanksgiving necessities.  I spent a good portion of my day texting back and forth with co-workers (even when I’m not at work I’m there… I need to learn some boundaries).  The day was filled with rain and an umbrella every where we went, but in it all, I was satisfied and happy.

When I picked Graham up from school he was filled with stories from the day as Davis quietly napped in the car seat beside him.  When we pulled up at the house Davis woke for a moment and said, “I don’t want to go home.  Let’s drive around.”  I thought to myself, why not?  So, we started driving around.  Just me and my boys.  This prompted a discussion about how we needed to get the letter to Santa written and mailed off.  We have this favorite elf that needs to be invited back.

christmas list

That’s when the deeper discussion happened.

Graham informed me that he wasn’t even sure what he would ask for this Christmas.  He really had to think about it.  Honestly, this made my heart so happy!  In years past the list has been a mile long.  So, we began the discussion about gifts and why the tradition was started.  We spoke about the true meaning of Christmas and how the 3 wise men came to give Jesus 3 gifts.  We came to the conclusion that we would only ask for 3 gifts this Christmas.  This brought on a deeper conversation about how giving a gift made us feel and how it made others feel.  We spoke about children who had little to nothing and how we could help them out.   It all ended with the ultimate gift, the gift of life that God gave us when he sent his Son to die for us.

I honestly could not have imagined a more perfect moment in time.  I know that God ordains every moment of our lives and he used a tiny, sleepy boy in the backseat to lead us on a journey that would have us sharing some very important discussions.  I love looking at giving through their huge hearts and wide eyes.  Oh, that we should all be more like a child.


Last year I was honored to participate in Giving Tuesday‘s wonderful mission to not only spread the joy of giving, but of giving back.  This year Giving Tuesday will be happening on December 3rd.  You don’t have to be a billionaire in order to give back.  Even if you have no money there are ways you can get involved.  If you want to go an extra step you can join the movement socially by taking a picture of yourself with a caption of what you are doing to give back this year and tag it with #UNSelfie and #GivingTuesday and share it on your social media channels.  Make sure to follow Giving Tuesday on Facebook and Twitter for more ways to give back and get involved.

This year we will be helping out other kids in the high school I work in by purchasing want/need items for them.  Graham always participates in this and is excited to have a part in the process.

What are you doing this year to give back and encourage future givers?

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  1. We’re having an elf this year too, and just wrote our letter today. 🙂

    I think it’s fun that you agreed on a whim to just drive around with the boys. Things like that are fun.


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