Encouraging Kids With Back to School Transitions {Hallmark Prize Pack Giveaway}

Whether your child is starting school for the first time ever or just experiencing a brand new year, the transition can be tough!  While I am not claiming to know everything about the matter, I feel like I have a good grasp on transition from middle school to high school.  The reality is that this is a huge moment in your child’s life and it will definitely have ups and downs.  I also have first hand experience with a child starting school for the first time now.  I can tell you that both transitions are pretty similar just with different ages involved.

Anytime there are big changes or transitions it is important to consider your child’s personality.  Maybe he is the type that needs to be thrust into the thick of it, or maybe she needs to just dip her toes.  The great news is that by being the parent you know best!  So, make sure to rely upon that mom gut and do what is best for your child.  Also, take advantage of the school and the support that they offer.  Most schools offer open houses and meet the teacher days that can help kids become better acquainted before the first day arrives.  Make sure you are being an encouragement .  Kids pick up on and feed off of your emotions.  So, if you are feeling anxious, chances are you are going to make your child feel even more nervous about the change.

So how can you encourage your child in order to grow his or her confidence?  Prepare them, love them, support them and let them go.  Yes, I said let them go.  Trust all that you have poured into them and watch how they fly!

Hallmark isn’t claiming to be a substitute for parenting, but they do offer some great products to help further encourage your child that are worth taking a look at.  The next time you are in a Hallmark store look for the Kid’s Collection Greeting Cards that feature different words of encouragement for things like achieving goals, academic struggles and social situations.  Slip one in a back pack or folder when your child is not looking for a surprise pick me up.  Hallmark also has lunchbox notes that are perfect for packing away in lunches (50 in a pack).  Have a younger child?  We absolutely love the Bug ‘Em concept.  Just place a note inside the But ‘Em’s zippered compartment or in its 4 little legs and leave it in a place where your child will easily find it.  What a wonderful game to play that fosters encouragement and connectedness.

Now in honor of heading back to school and transitions, one lucky Go Graham Go reader will win a Hallmark Prize Pack full of encouraging goodies for your kids!  Here’s How:

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This product was provided free of charge by Hallmark. These are my honest opinions on the product. I do not post reviews on products I can not stand behind. Please see my Terms of Use for more info.

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  1. I like to put notes in her lunch reminding her that I lover her, letting her know I am thinking of her or that I am proud of her.
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    Thank you!

  2. debbie jackson says:

    lots of positive encouragement and discussion
    pin as jacksondeb
    debbie jackson,
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  3. apple blossom says:

    share scriptures

  4. we role play

  5. we try to touch base at least once a day and work together to solve issues.

  6. We do a lot of talking. I think it really helped Mica when he went to a new school last year to go have lunch at school with us early with the Kindergarteners before him. It made all of us more confident. I knew that Mica would need to know how to spread peanut butter on his sandwich (it came separate from the bread). That was something we practiced. We also read a lot of those well manner books that we won from your site!

  7. I give something to my 5 year old of mine to wear, so during the day (K grade beginner!) she would be able to hold it if she felt scared or lonely. I also bought her a small CTR ring (Choose the Right, LDS ring) to wear in honor of her ‘transition’.
    Now all I need is something to hold during the day when I get lonely…! (She’s our last baby)

  8. we try to tell them what to expect

  9. I like to prepare them as much as possible by talking about what the new experience will be like…as for school, we’re going to make sure to attend the open house, so they can meet their teachers and see their classrooms 🙂 I always let them know that I love them and am proud of them too 🙂

  10. We discuss his thoughts and talk about the new things we both can learn!

  11. To prepare my son for transistions/changes. We talk a lot about it, we role play, we read books on the topic, or even watch a video on it. We build it up and make it a really fun big deal. Thanks!

  12. allowing them to vent feelings, talking and praying over situation

  13. We talk a lot about what to expect and what will happen in certain situations and try to get them excited about change.

  14. I’ve been lucky in that my children were always excited about going to school.

  15. email subscriber to Go Graham Go

  16. we talk about whats going to happen and what they can exspect and what we exspect from them
    tcogbill at live dot com

  17. Lots of extra love at home.

  18. just being very upbeat and positive

  19. I usually prepare my children by telling them everything they need to know, taking a tour or doing some kind of pre-run of the situation.

  20. I remind them of other obstacles that seemed tough at the time and asked them how those situations turned out …usually for the good.
    tarter95 athotmail dot com

  21. With lots of love and with the idea that the new transition will be beneficial in some way.

  22. We talk every day.


  23. Kimberly B. says:

    By letting them know what to expect and encouraging them. I let them know I’m there for them no matter what.

  24. We talk and make sure that they know what is coming up. I like doing special little treats to make it special 🙂

  25. Trung Nguyen says:

    We talk every day and sometimes have discussions too. They asked about my experiences.

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