Drawing Animals Out of Letters and Numbers

how to create animals out of letters and numbers

I am so blessed to still have my grandmother around.  She comes down every Christmas and it is wonderful to see her interacting with her great grandchildren.  This Christmas Davis got a new dry erase board that she quickly put to use.  She started drawing things that brought me back to my own childhood.  There was this pig she taught me how to draw that was created from several different letters.  As she was showing all of us how to do it again I started to think about Graham and how much he had to practice writing his letters the first part of Kindergarten.  What a great way to incorporate practicing letters while having fun!  So, I decided to come up with a few more animals out of letters and numbers.  I hope you enjoy!

The Pig is created from U, M, e, and W’s

draw a pig and crab The crab is created from 3 O’s, 3 U’s, 2 L’s (one backwards), 2 M’s

The cat is created from 3 V’s (upside down), 2 V’s right-side up, 3 O’s, 1 Y upside down, 2 W’s, 2 C’s, 2 U’s upside down, 2 L’s (one backwards)

cat and dog from letters The dog is created from 6 O’s, 5 U’s, 2 zeros for ears

The fish is created from a 6 turned on it’s side, 1 M, and 3 V’s

fish and snake out of numbers and letters The snake is created from 2 S’s, 1 U and 1 Y

Graham saw me creating these the other night and was instantly intrigued.  While this isn’t the best way to practice letters, it is definitely a creative way to go over some of them if your child has found his self in a slump!  How fun would it be to see how many animals you could come up with using only letters and numbers?!


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  1. Stacie @ The Divine Miss Mommy says:

    I LOVE these. Just printed them out!!!

  2. Cute idea!!

  3. Cute idea!

  4. So clever!

  5. That is a really cool way for kids to practice letter even if it’s not the best way. Learning letters and numbers while drawing animals is a neat way to get kids learning.

  6. I wanna play! Can I play?

  7. These are so creative. going to send to my nephew who loves to do things differently than the norm. This is right up his alley.


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