Do You Do Fast Food?

Fast food is just a reality with our lives.  We try not to make it a habit, but we end up picking something up on the go every once in a while.  When you have two young boys and a list of things you need to accomplish, it is just inevitable.

So, I’m happy to be adding one more item to my fast food “will eat” list.  Arby’s has been slicing their meat fresh in their stores for over 50 years.  When they introduced the New Grand Turkey Club it was definitely one that I wanted to try.  Good news people!  It is good!  I especially like the bun that is harvest wheat and not soggy :).  Oh, and the pepper bacon.  Must have bacon!

Arby's New Grand Turkey Club

I’m also happy to report that our local Arby’s finally raised their sanitation grade to a 98. I can’t even remember how low it was, but it was low enough that we vowed not to visit.  Sounds like things are getting better!  I’m just glad I can add one more fast food facility to our list (for back up plans).

Arby’s provided us with a gift card in order to visit and try out the new Grand Turkey Club.  We still used our own hard earned money to buy most of the meal (even fast food isn’t cheap anymore).

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  1. Karen Medlin says:

    I haven’t been to an Arby’s in years, when we travel, and if we see one on the way, we try to stop for a quick meal. The menu has changed quite a bit.. I just remember ordering the Roast Beef Sandwich. I see now they have a Ingredient and Allergens list that you can see what the ingredients are.

  2. I’ve eaten the Grand Turkey Club a couple of times and it is mighty delicious. Just wish it wasn’t so expensive for a sandwich.

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