DIY Teacher Gift: Personalized Hand Soap or Sanitizer

It’s that time of year, hallelujah!  That was the school counselor in me rejoicing over 2 blissful months at home with my babies and away from the stresses of work.  Oh, I adore my job, but it is so nice to have a break… with my babies… in the sun… having fun.  OK.  You get the picture.

So, little big Mr. Graham is celebrating his final year of preschool.  What an exciting time!  We are definitely going to miss his sweet teachers and preschool director.  They have been such a constant in his life and we are so thankful for them.  So, when I stumbled across a cute idea on Design Mom (Love that site and love her.  I actually met her in person one time on a blogger event for Sears and she is so sweet and gorgeous and wears cute dresses).  The idea came from a guest post where Jill Means shares her idea for creating personalized hand soaps for her kids teachers.  She even shares a free template.  Score!  Her idea involves having these printed on transparencies and putting them down in the bottle.  I love that idea, but call me lazy, I didn’t want to take them somewhere to be printed and transparency paper is about $40 a ream for a cheap batch!  Yikes!  So, I decided to go with plan B.  Here’s what we did.

I found one sheet clear labels that work with my inkjet that were only $13 for a pack of 10.  The beauty is you can squeeze about 6 of these stickers on one sheet.  I downloaded the free template from Jill and then created a silhouette of Graham in Photoshop.  Want to know how to do that?  Well, Positively Splendid has a tutorial for that.  Don’t have Photoshop but would like a silhouette of your child?  Email me.  I wouldn’t mind doing it for you for about $5.  Seriously.

So, after I created the silhouette I added it to the free template in Photoshop and then created a page (8.5×11) of them to print on my Avery one sheet clear sticker paper.  It worked like a charm! Next, all I had to do was cut them out and stick them onto the bottles (I pulled the original labels off earlier of course).  Lucky for me there was no residue under the labels.  I would imagine that not all labels are created equal so you may need to find some alcohol to rub on the bottle to remove the adhesive if this happens to you.  I found the sheer black ribbon at Michael’s for about $2.99 for 10 yards and tied that around the top.

There you have it.  Instant beauty and personalization that any teacher should love.  Not to mention, you now have a gorgeous silhouette of your child you can use for many other craft activities.  Oh, the ideas in my mind.

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