DIY Simple Cowboy and Pirate Costumes

This year we have the villain and hero theme going on for Halloween.  Both boys surprised me with their choices, but I was so excited to get creative with the costumes and make use of items we already had on hand.  After all, Halloween should be fun and not break the bank in my opinion.  I have these fond memories of going through dress up clothes, moms old dresses and material in order to create something new and unique for Halloween.  I like being able to do the same for my boys.  As a matter of fact, some of the items came from my mom’s house ;).

diy cowboy costume

For Davis’s costume I used an idea I saw over at Kate’s Creative Space.  She stitched the chaps onto her son’s bluejeans which was such an easy and cute solution to creating chaps.  Even if you don’t have a sewing machine you can achieve this with just a pair of pants, material, scissors, sewing thread and a needle.

Here’s how to create easy chaps for your chap!

diy chaps

You don’t need a pattern for this.  Use your pants as your guide.  Simply fold the pants and pull out the “crotch” portion so that it lays completely flat.  Using your scissors, cut around the pants leaving about an inch on the sides.  I also flared the bottom a little.

Once you have the material cut, cut a rounded portion out where the “crotch” is.

Next, pin your chaps onto the pants and stitch on using your choice of thread.  We went with red to accent the rest of the outfit.

diysimplechaps For the vest, I found a free pattern from Dana Made It that was the perfect size!  Keep reading along for how I used this same pattern for Graham’s Pirate vest.  I used the same cow fabric and added the cute little badge that was created from last year’s VeggieTales costume material.  I added a zigzag red stitch around the front border in order to finish off the vest.

cowboy costume tutorial

Luckily, Davis already had the denim shirt, cowboy hat, red scarf and the cap gun.  I spent $7.40 on the cow fabric (50% off sale at Hancock Fabrics) and splurged on the cowboy boots because I knew he would wear them over and over again (I was right).  You can find the cowboy boots and the cowboy hat with scarf on Amazon.

diy cowboy costume for kids

Now for the pirate… aargh!  I had a ton of fun with this one as well because I raided my mom’s fabric scraps and made something out of nothing!  I love when that happens.  We purchased his hat and sword from Target.  The hat was $5 and the sword was $4.  Everything else in this outfit was purely from scratch and things around the house.

simple diy pirate costume for kids

The pants were a pair of Graham’s old pants that busted a huge hole in the knee.  I cut them off above the knee and made jagged legs around the bottom.  I found fabric at my mother’s house and created the black sash (just by cutting a straight line… seriously) as well as the vest.  I used the pattern from above and just enlarged it (wider and longer).

diy pirate costume for kids

diy pirate costume

Of course, Graham already had the blue striped shirt, boots and bandana.  I used some leftover felt to create a skull and crossbones on the vest and stitched that on with the sewing machine.  I also created a simple eye patch using black felt and black skinny elastic.  Just think about cutting an eye shape that is much bigger than the eye.

So there you have it!  Our scrips and scraps of Halloween costumes put together with love.  I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with this year.  There’s nothing better than playing dress up and making old things new.

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  1. The boys look fabulous!

  2. Love the costumes!!

  3. Those are great! Better quality than an expensive store bought costume, too.

  4. Those costumes are FABULOUS! Seriously, your DIY skills are super impressive, Felicia. The boys are pretty cute, too. 🙂

  5. Betty Baez says:

    These are great!!! How cute!

  6. Cute costumes! I wish my oldest son wanted to be one of these. Instead I’m working on a do-it-myself Mosasaurus costume… if I post my how-to process it will come with a warning: don’t try this at home!

    Love the cow fabric on the jeans, btw!

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