DIY Old Maid Card Game Using Family Photos


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I have always loved playing cards. I mean, I like playing with cards, but I mostly just love the cards themselves. All fifty-two of them. But I never, ever seem to be able to keep all fifty-two of them together for long. It always seems that the Jack of Diamonds ran off with the Queen of Clubs somewhere, and I am stuck with 50 odd cards that can no longer be used for a poker game. After a recent game night (and a hasty clean-up) I found myself once again short more than a few spades and hearts. So, I decided that instead of throwing away what was left of the deck, I would find a creative way to put these wax-coated cards to good use (…and no, it would not be in the Brady Bunch style of building an impossible house of cards. Who can really build one of those without glue anyway?!) I took my shoe box to my studio filled with: the playing cards, some corks, a few toothpicks that somehow got in the mix and some crumbs from the snacks that were consumed. Then I spent the whole day crafting (don’t worry, I threw the cracker crumbs out. I draw the line at crafting with crumbs, no matter how thrifty it is!) The result is three pretty clever ways to craft with corks and cards, If i do say so myself. But I will let  you be the judge!

diy old maid card game

Old Maid, The Family Way

Who doesn’t love the card game Old Maid? This was a big favorite in my household and we would squeal with laughter at whomever was stuck with that pitiful Maid. In this deck, I made myself the Maid because in my immediate family, with both of my sisters paired up, it looks like I am heading that way! This is a super fun and easy craft you and  will get really silly making it.

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Here’s how to make your own set:

  • You’ll need a deck of cards with at least 12 matching pairs and one card for the Old Maid. I used a joker, but you can remove Queens and use the other of the same color as the Old Maid.
  • Find photos of your favorite family members — the funnier, the better. You will need two copies of each photo so that you can make a match.
  • Hey, who says the Maid has to be a woman? Feel free to use an old boyfriend or crotchety Uncle Fred as the “Maid”!
  • Print photos regular 4 x 6 size and trim each face to 2 1/2 x 3 1/2.
  • Next, use a heavy duty glue stick like the one above to adhere the photos to the glossy cards. If you can’t find the Elmer’s Extreme, use a craft glue stick or one for photo mounting.
  • Now is the fun part! Grab any fun papers, die-cuts and stickers you can find and get to making your family and friends look silly! When you’re all done, buckle down for a fun game…just don’t get stuck with that Maid, unless she is as cute as me!

Photography by:
Tanya Alexis,

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  1. Cool, COol COOL!!! I love this idea, and it can be modified in so many different ways!!

  2. Those are fun! It wouldn’t have to even be Old Maid. It could just be a deck of cards. Super cool idea!

  3. OMGosh too freaking cute!!!

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