DIY Gratitude Tree Craft for Thanksgiving

Editor’s Note: I just love having Courtney share her crafty and creative ideas each month!  WE are GRATEFUL for you, Courtney!  Now… onto Courtney’s post!

Gratitude has been on my mind for quite some time now.  Life is so challenging and exhausting at times, that it is easy to take for granted the things that make the days a little easier, the nights a little sweeter and the holidays a little more magical. Last year, during my first Thanksgiving with my store, kids and grown-ups alike made paper gratitude turkeys in the studio. I loved mine and my partner Brian’s so much that I kept them out all year in my apartment. When my best friend recently moved to St. Croix for the year, she handed me her gratitude turkey for me to take care of while she was gone. This year, I decided to make one inspired piece for Brian, Tanya Alexis and me to display our appreciation on in the studio. I thought that this could be a great family craft to do here in our studio, or for families to enjoy at home. If you like the way mine turned out (I will show my gratitude with a “Thank You!” right now), make one of your own. It will make you feel good because…

gratitude is the best attitude! (thank you, Pinterest, for that quote!)

diy gratitude tree thanksgiving craft

Here’s how to create your own:

For this project, I used an old picture frame that had somehow lost it’s glass. If you don’t have one, you can purchase a new one, but hitting a garage sale or thrift store could bring inspiration. An ornate, antique frame would be way better than the plain one I had.


You will also need:

old book pages, or any decorative paper you like to cover the back of the frame

pieces of cork for the tree

colored cardstock for the leaves

push pins

glue & scissors

markers and felt tip pens for your leaves

stamps or any other decorative tool to make your tree extra special!

To start:

– cut up some paper to cover the inside back of your frame.

– put it back in the frame.

– cut the cork into a tree trunk shape and also a basic tree top shape to stick the leaves on. Glue this to the inside back of the frame make sure the cork sits inside the frame comfortably.

– start cutting your leaves. I covered all the cork on the tree top with plain leaves and glued them down.

– assign each member of your “team” or family a different leaf color. I cut a top layer of cream colored leaves so the writing stood out. I used a letter stamp for each person’s leaves, just to give it a little extra something else!

– attach all the leaves with small push pins.

– add a daily Gratitude leaf or fill the tree all at once. It’s up to you!

– say “Thanks!” to Felicia for creating such a great blog for us to share…I know I am grateful!


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