Dancing in the Mine Fields with My One Safe Soul

The older I get and the more years that go by the more I love and appreciate the precious gift that was given to me that is my husband.  I truly am blown away when I think about just how much my Father loves me to have created such a person.

No.  It’s not our anniversary.  It’s not his birthday.  Today is not a major milestone per say, but I am just thankful.  Have you ever known someone that you feel homesick without?  That’s how I feel when we are apart.  We married very young and have known our lives together more than apart (I was 19 he was 21).

framed canvas

This year has brought a ton of change for me.  In turn, it has brought a lot of change for our family.  There have been ups and downs and there are still so many more battles ahead of us.  What it has taught me is just how much this man that God set aside for me before I was even born was meant just for me.

When I think about the love of God and how he sees it all and loves us anyway I then look at my husband.  He sees it all.  ALL.  Man, I can’t even put words to what it means that he loves me in spite of myself.  Love is never blind.  He is still here.  Still calls me beautiful and I know he really means it by looking in his eyes.  He has a heart of gold that longs to help and reach and lift up.


It is a blessing to have that one safe soul.  Here’s to dancing with you until we can no longer dance.

Here are the two songs that inspired this and remind me so much of Matthew:



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  1. Jennifer Miller says:

    Felicia, you are such a precious gift to our family! I am so grateful that God chose you for my brother!!! A perfect match, truly made in heaven! I know that Ryan is my soulmate and the one that God picked out for me before I was born too…We are all so very blessed! Hope things are getting easier at work and claiming down a little bit! Hugs and Kisses to you!!!
    I love you all!!!!

  2. My heart is full! Jennifer told me about this post and the songs. It has taken me a little time to get to it (computer is being cross with me), but I’m glad I got to read it. Each of one of you are a blessing in my life. I am so thrilled that my children and their spouses can say that about each other and have that safe soul to journey with. I love each of you so very much and feel so blessed! I listened to the songs at Jennifer’s today….she had to get me a hanky for my tears. I love you Felecia, and I too am thankful for God’s gift in a wonderful daughter-in-law. Love to all the little men and the big man too!

  3. April Yedinak says:

    I found this very sweet and touching.

  4. What a sweet and wonderful write-up. I’m sure it must be such a wonderful security cushion too, to know that (besides God) there is that one person who is going to be there for you, and love you no matter what.

    I loved your post. :)

  5. I just love you and this post :)

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