Creative Christmas Card Ideas

First of all, I am no photographer.  I love to take pictures and learn about Photoshop but I am in no way a professional at this.  However, I do believe that the average person can take a decent picture and make it fun and creative with just a little thought and willing participants.  This year I wanted to do something different for our Christmas card.  I really wasn’t sure what to do and started googling.  That’s when I stumbled across this photographer’s super cute and funny idea to make it look like her son was floating away with balloons.  I thought, how fun would it be to make it look like we were trying to hold the kids down from flying away!

So, early one Saturday morning I headed to Ingles and grabbed a dozen colorful balloons and came home and found our 6 foot ladder.  I had already asked a close friend if she would come by and snap the pictures for us {so thankful she agreed since I have no clue where my auto timer is and do not own a tripod}.  My original plan was to have Davis on the top, but he is so little that it sort of freaked him out a bit.  I was going to have Graham hold onto his leg and we would make a train holding each other to the ground.  When that didn’t work out Matthew did some quick thinking and placed Davis on his shoulders.  He quickly reached up for Graham’s hand and I hollered, “Everyone act like you are floating away”!  Not sure how great of actors we are, but it still turned out pretty good!

creative Christmas Card Idea (Hover over this image and click the “Pin It” button that appears in order to save to boards)

Want to pull this off with your family?  If you have Photoshop this is easy and I’m going to tell you how to do it!

  1. Pick a good time of day for your kids {ours is the morning}.
  2. Pick up a dozen balloons and a 6 foot ladder {make sure the balloons are colorful}
  3. Find a location that has a pretty neutral background {not a lot of busy scenery makes it easier to Photoshop}
  4. Find a willing subject to sit on the top of the ladder holding the balloons. If they can sort of lean back it makes it more believable (make sure to have someone standing by just in case).
  5. Once you have your picture you edit it in Photoshop using the clone stamp tool.

How to Use the Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop Elements

The clone stamp tool looks like this:

how to use the clone stamp tool

Click on it and then choose a location on your picture you would like to “clone”.  Mine was the grass and trees behind the ladder that Graham was sitting on.

Holding your option key (if on Mac), click a spot to clone (copy).  Try to click near the object you are removing to make it look more realistic and uniform.

Start painting over the ladder and the area you selected will take its place!  You will probably need to reselect a few times in order to keep the picture looking realistic as grass colors vary, etc.

Once you have the ladder removed you are finished!

Again, I am no pro and there may be an even easier way to accomplish this, but this is the method that worked for me.  Now can you envision many more creative Christmas card ideas by using this one technique?!  I know I can!


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  1. Cute!

  2. Love this! Might have to get photoshop. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That is super fun! I’ll have to keep that in mind for next year when I’m in search for ideas. I just put my card up for my WW yesterday:


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