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Thanks to my friend Piera, I have developed a love for the kitchen.  I also think that having children sparked an interest to create new recipes that were healthy and interesting.  It is always a challenge to keep those little tastebuds happy!  Now that Graham is in school I feel like the challenge was just ramped up a notch.  I really want my kids to love the right types of food and to develop a love for cooking as well.  I have slowly been sorting through my various kitchen utensils and accessories and tossing the things that are either non-functional and taking up room or are older than me!  We were blessed to have many things passed down, but the reality is that they have stopped working or are breaking.

As I am replacing and trying to make the most of my cramped kitchen space, I really try to look for three key things: functionality, storability, and fun colors.  Honestly, if you give me an option of the standard black, white or color I will choose color every time!  It is for these reasons that I have been drawn to the Dexas line of kitchen products.  Don’t you love it when you can tell a company has gone above and beyond to think about how to make a product better?  It really is all in the details.

You may have noticed some of the brightly colored and fun kitchen products from Dexas at your local Target or other retail stores.  You may even own a few of them and not really realize the company behind it and all of the great products they have to offer.  We were sent several Dexas products to try out in our own kitchen and here are my favorites that I KNOW you will love as well.

Colorful Mixing Bowls

These are my favorite new kitchen companions!  I love that each one is a different bright color.  The sizes are perfect for just about any mixing need you would have as well.  My favorite part?  The fact that the bottoms have a silicone gripper so that my bowl stays in place as I mix away!

Dexas Mixing Bowls

Specialty Cutting Boards

Who wouldn’t smile cutting on a watermelon or apple shaped board?  Not only are they cute, but they are super functional.  The propylene material helps ensure that your knife will not dull as easily as well as keeps nasty things out because there are no tiny crevices to worry about.  Once you are finished cutting you can use these as your serving tray.  Perfect for those of you looking to make the most of your kitchen space.

Dexas Cutting Boards

Popware Collapsible Strainer

Every kitchen needs a strainer, so why not make it one that doesn’t take up half of you cabinet space?  The Popware Collapsible Strainer fits easily in our flat utensil drawer which gives me more room in my cabinets for pretty bowls!

Dexas Popware

Silicon Gadgets

These gadgets have paired two of my favorite kitchen materials together.  You have a sturdy wooden handle and the convenience of silicone on the ends of the utensils.  Again, you can expect bright and bold colors from these which makes cooking even more fun.  You can purchase them in a pack of 4 to cover all of your gadget needs.

Dexas Silicone Gadgets

Heavy Duty Grippmat Set

Not feeling a cutting board?  Then you definitely want to go with the Heavy Duty Grippmat Set for cutting.  This set of four comes in food safe colors so that you don’t mix your meats and your fruit.  There is a non slip backing and it is made from the same propylene material found in the cutting boards.  The mats are also flexible and dishwasher safe.

Dexas Gripmat Set

Turbo Fan Salad Spinner

Wait, that is a kitchen gadget?  My kids would beg to differ.  They like to use it as their very own airplane!  No kidding, this Salad Spinner is the real deal.  It uses the fan at the top to quickly dry and push water off of your salad and out of the basket.  The spinner is so easy to use that my two year old can do it.  He actually took it with him in the car yesterday to play with as we picked his brother up from school.

Dexas Salad Spinner

You can find all of these gorgeous Dexas items at your local retailer or online at Amazon!  Have fun browsing!

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