Creating Simple, Stand-Out Christmas Cards #HPFamilyTime

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creative christmas card Christmas cards are not for everyone. I completely understand that.  They take time that many of us just do not have.  Call me crazy, but creating our family Christmas card every year is something I look forward to.  I like to put something together that is out of the ordinary or is something meaningful that friends and family can enjoy.  Whether you have the latest and greatest photo editing software or just the internet, you can create something meaningful as well and it doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated.

hp chromebook14

This year, I used my Chromebook14 in order to put together our cards.  I also used a little photoshop magic!  This year I snapped our photos in front of a white wall and sheet and the put them on a kitchen background.  Our kitchen has little to no light and is “L”shaped so it just wasn’t ideal for the card.  However, even if you didn’t have photoshop you could create something similar with the same effect using free online software.

hp chromebook14 side

The Chromebook14 is handy because I can store all of my photos on the Google Drive and I can take it with me wherever I go.  I can use the photos I have stored and upload them to in order to edit and add embellishments for free!  Once I was done adding fun touches with Pic Monkey, I simply uploaded the picture to  There were tons of card options to choose from and I even chatted with someone online who was extremely helpful in finding the perfect layout.

Another simple way to create a memorable Christmas Card is to take some treasured photographs from the year and put them into a collage.  Snapfish has several beautiful options for you to select multiple photos for display.  The card stock is premium and makes you feel like you’ve spent a fortune (even though you didn’t).

Davis chromebook14 Graham Chromebook14

Not only has the Chromebook14 helped us put together our Christmas cards, but it has quickly become the best friend of my kids (especially Davis).  With the thousands of apps available to download from Google Play, Davis has been mesmerized at a new way to play that involves a keyboard and a larger screen.  Recent surveys show that kids are loosing their keyboarding skills due to the popularity of tablets, so it has been refreshing to watch him learn to use a traditional computer interface.

hp chromebook14

It has also been nice to have the internet on the go!  The Chromebook14 has 3G and 4G connectivity options which means I can keep on working even when there is no WiFi.  The slim build (about 2 pounds) makes this a great option for a girl that already totes around the kitchen sink!  Not to mention, it comes in 3 colors that just makes life a little more fun.

The Chromebook14 starts at about $299 which makes this an affordable option great for gift giving this Christmas.

These items were sent free of charge by HP.  These are my honest ideas and opinions.  Please see my terms of use for more info.

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  1. Wow this would be perfect for my daughter. We were looking at a mini iPad or a computer for her for Christmas. I really love the slim build and that it’s so lightweight!

  2. I love the card! And whoa! That Chromebook is SEXY! Love the color and how sleek it is.

  3. I love your Christmas card. I make cards each year but have never made one on the computer.

  4. I’m sure it’s not a top selling point, but I LOVE the color – you’ll never misplace it in a backpack, and you’ll always know which one is yours!

  5. I always love making personalized Christmas cards using photos from the year. The HP Chromebook looks like a nice way to make them!

  6. That Chromebook is pretty awesome! I have been hearing a lot of great things about it. And your Christmas card is adorable!

  7. I love the color on the Chrombeook14- both functional and stylish! It sounds like a perfect tool for kids and adults, and I love that you can use it on the go. 3g capabilities in addition to wireless makes such a difference.

  8. That card is SOO cute! That one is a keeper for sure. It would look awesome on the fireplace. I’m putting that chromebook on my wish list!

  9. What a fun Christmas card. I didn’t do one this year with the baby almost here, but I miss it!

    And, what a great price on a chromebook. I had no idea they were so inexpensive.

  10. I think the Chromebook would be perfect for my Mom. I’m glad it’s so affordable.

  11. ha! i love your card!! awesome 🙂 the chromebook is nice- i like the color a lot

  12. The Chromebook sounds very easy to use and a great tool for everyday use.

  13. This is the first chromebook I’ve heard of that has the connectivity options beyond what’s normally with a chromebook. I do like that! OMG to the kids losing their keyboarding skills because of touchscreen. What the heck?!?

  14. My family has always been big on coming up with innovative Christmas card/photo ideas, so I absolutely love the cooking one you featured! 🙂 You are totally right; Christmas cards do take so much time and energy to produce and send out, but I do still love them!

    The Chromebook seems like it would be a great device to put together cards, and I have personally used Snapfish and can attest to how great their services are. 🙂

  15. I love the card! It’s so cute and creative!

  16. Oh I love your holiday card! You can’t even tell it’s photoshopped and I would have never thought to photoshop a different kitchen. P.S. Super jealous of your chromebook!

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