Celebrate Swimming with a Splash!

Have I told you how excited I am to be a part of Swimways Ambassador Team? Together, our team is hoping to encourage you to get into the water tomorrow, Saturday, May 18th, and make a SPLASH on National Learn to Swim Day.

Dedicated to educating parents and children about water safety, National Learn to Swim Day is an opportunity for families to learn about the importance and benefits of learning to swim before Memorial Day Weekend and the start of summer. How you participate is entirely up to you–maybe you could enroll your child in a local swim school, host a swimming lesson, or even just look into the various tools that SwimWays provides families.

My family and I are so blessed to have a neighborhood pool a 5-minute walk away. Living in the Southeast, we choose to be cool by the pool nearly every day. We definitely agree with Monica Jones, the marketing director of SwimWays who says, “In order to take part in all the fun the water can offer, children must be taught at an early age the fundamentals of swimming.”

If you don’t have access to a local swim coach, have no fear. SwimWays teamed up with Mario Vittone, former Coast Guard helicopter rescue swimmer and water safety expert, to provide free swimming safety resources to families. Vittone will give expert advice on topics and challenges related to teaching children to swim on www.TeachMeToSwim.com throughout the summer.

SwimWays’ Swim Steps program is a three-step program that features colorful swim-training aids specially designed to help parents teach kids to swim at home. Our family currently has a daughter in each step!

The first step of the program is designed to introduce and comfortably support babies in the water; (sadly no picture–the baby was not willing to go in a float yet but we’re working on her!)

Step 2 products give children the ability and freedom to explore as they develop confidence and learn to balance and paddle (two important pre-swimming skills). Caroline, my often timid swimmer, could not wait to jump right into the pool with her Shorties. She didn’t mind that she got her face wet, she thought the vest was pretty, and I loved that it had UV protective sleeves and gave her a huge boost in confidence!

Step 3 products provide graduated support, helping kids to feel empowered and confident as they strengthen and perfect their swimming skills. Catherine is almost there. She probably needs a few more weeks to swim on her own and make it into the deep end. But she is in love with her Sea Squirts Swim Assist Cleverly designed to look like a dolphin (they also have fun orca whale and clownfish swim assist vests), it holds her up just enough. I love that it uses smart buoyancy technology which helps achieve proper swimming position, giving kids greater control and stability. I already saw a difference in how she tried to “swim like the big kids” who were practicing a lane over.

I cannot wait to check in with y’all to see how your little swimmers are progressing and to share how my fish daughters are learning, too!

Allie is a part of the Swimways Ambassador program and received free products. There are here original ideas and opinions.

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  1. Thank you so much for reviewing our products – and more importantly, raising awareness for National Lear to Swim Day!

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