BRAVE Now Available on Blu-ray Combo Packs!

BRAVE is now available for purchase!  We just watched this movie for the first time this weekend and I can say that it was great for the entire family.  Of course, just like any movie, there are a few things to consider before watching or purchasing.  The two main concerns I had were when the men bared their bottoms in order to create a pant chain to get down a tower they were locked on top of.  You also see one of the men moon another (you don’t see the hind parts… but you know what he is doing).


With that out of the way, the rest of the movie was a delight to watch.  There is magic and a witch involved if that sort of thing bothers you.  The part that scared Graham the most was the bear (just to give you an idea of how the witch is).  In the end Graham and I were both crying.  It was so sweet to see Graham connect with a movie like that.

BRAVE is definitely a movie about living out your dreams and not being afraid of them.  It is also about mending relationships and making sure the loved ones around us are heard and appreciated   All of those themes were ones I was happy to let Graham see.

The new BRAVE Blu-ray Combo packs even give you a 3D option.  The Ultimate Collector’s Edition includes 5 discs with special features.  There are extended scenes, deleted scenes a theatrical short and insider info about the movie.  I personally enjoy the “Bears” portion.  It gives you an inside look at the art and design behind each of the bears on BRAVE.  Of course, you can always choose from the 2 disc combo pack, 3 disc or 1 disc DVD.  I’ll say it again, it is worth it to purchase the Blu-ray combo because pretty soon you WILL own a Blu-ray player.  That is just the direction technology is going.

Price point break-down via Amazon:

5 disc: $27.99

3 disc: $19.99

DVD: $15.99

What a great stocking stuffer idea!

This product was provided free of charge by Disney. These are my honest opinions on the product. I do not post reviews on products I can not stand behind. Please see my Terms of Use for more info.

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