Blink of an Eye: Frances England’s newest album


When you think of certain stages of your life, do you think of songs that accompanied those memories? I do. I feel like my whole life has a soundtrack. Hearing a song instantly transports me back to a specific time, place, or event. I love associations like that and I’m so glad that music is one of the last memories we keep–those special memories will sustain me when I’m old and gray. I love filling our house and car with beautiful, acoustic melodies. It enhances our atmosphere, soothes our crankiness, and eases our transitions to sleep or wake.

I’m always on the lookout for new music to keep things fresh but that also have underlying messages. That is why I was literally stopped in my tracks when I heard a new song by Frances England.

A little background: Frances England is a San Francisco-based family recording artist that has produced three albums for kids and their families. The fourth CD will be released on August 6th. Entitled, Blink of an Eye it features guest appearances by two of my favorite kindie music luminaries Elizabeth Mitchell and Caspar Babypants. Frances England has a gift for capturing the wonders, simple pleasures, and beauty of childhood, and she frames her music in ways that both children and parents can appreciate.

The wonderful songs on Blink of an Eye are both catchy and heartfelt, the kinds of songs that linger in your head long after listening. Besides all the incredible music and lyrics, the number one reason I love this CD is for her song, The Sun Will Shine Again. I am pretty sure I listened to it on repeat until my kids begged to go to the next song. But I love the message it holds for my girls, especially my more sensitive oldest daughter who can use encouragement and confidence with these reassuring, motivating words. I think the CD is worth buying just for this song alone!

And parents, listen up! While writing and recording Blink of an Eye, Frances has also been busy creating her first-ever album for adults! (I wish I could channel her energy and creativity) Be on the lookout for  Paths We Have Worn, which will be released on September 3. While you wait for both of her newest albums, Frances England’s first 3 CDs are available at,, and iTunes. You can also connect with her on her  website and Facebook page!

Allie was sent this free of charge.  These are her honest ideas and opinions.

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  1. I haven’t heard of it, but you make it sound great!

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