The Best Headphones for Kids: Arcade by Aerial7

Traveling season is here!  I think we are all excited about this (well, maybe not Davis).  We have a couple of different trips planned for this spring and summer and that means finding new ways to entertain the kids along the way.  Graham often brings along his Leapster or the iPad to occupy his time.  We have found that headphones have become necessary so that his brother can nap (and so we can all have some peace).  But, have you ever tried looking for headphones for kids?  The options are definitely limited and believe me we have looked!

Enter the new Acracde line from Aerial7.  These headphones have received zero complaints from Graham so far and he has been using them for about a week and a half.  Trust me, Graham is not one to hold back in the complaining department if he doesn’t like the way something feels or acts.  Honestly, I feel like these are the number one travel find for kids preschool age and up that I have stumbled across.  Yes, that’s how strongly I feel about them.

Why the Arcade line and not the “cheap” ones?  Well, when you think about the fact that your young child may or may not turn the volume down on their headphones and the fact that their little ear drums are super sensitive you will agree that you need to find something that adjusts for them without frustrating them.  Well, the Arcade by Aerial7 does just that.  It comes equipped with an AVR technology that automatically reduces the volume to 85db no matter what happens.  In order to do this the headphones require a battery (that is included) to operate.  Make sure to show your child where the on and off switch is on the set so that he/she doesn’t wear down the life of the battery.  Graham is very good about switching it off when he is finished using them.  We made sure to test them out and the quality is extremely clear even when the volume is reduced.  Also, the nicely padded ear phones do not slip off of Graham’s ears which helps with the frustration factor.  The headband is very flexible and fits his head well.

On top of the great quality and auto control, they are just fun to look at!  You can pick up the Arcade headphones in four different fun colors that will suit your child’s personality for about $35.  What a great find for any traveling you plan on doing this spring and summer.

This product was provided free of charge by Aerial7. These are my honest opinions on the product. I do not post reviews on products I can not stand behind. Please see my Terms of Use for more info.

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