Entering the Deep End; Emerging Stronger

swimways float

Sometimes life is breathtakingly hard, y'all. This week, my friends' 6-year old son tragically lost his life in a … [Read more...]

Come on in…

...the water's fine! While the official start of summer is June 21st, my three kiddos have had a splash getting … [Read more...]

Blink of an Eye: Frances England’s newest album


Quick! When you think of certain stages of your life, do you think of songs that accompanied those memories? I do. I … [Read more...]

Swim Away with the Pooligans


A month ago, my oldest daughters met their new BFFs. They've been lucky enough to swim with them, have sleep overs with … [Read more...]

Our Generation: this is our story

generation dolls

Sometimes I look down at my three littles and still cannot believe that I am helping grow and raise the next generation. … [Read more...]

The Baby Doll Chronicles

haba doll

Are you ready for a fun history lesson? In 1950, Marianne Götz handcrafted beautiful dolls while her husband, Franz … [Read more...]

Celebrate Swimming with a Splash!


Have I told you how excited I am to be a part of Swimways Ambassador Team? Together, our team is hoping to encourage you … [Read more...]

Gearing up for National Swim Day!


A 10-hour car ride, a car packed full of sun, beach, and swim gear. 3 excited kiddos. 2 exhausted thrilled parents. … [Read more...]

Got a Minute?


Okay quick: what do you see when you look at this picture? A modern-day, normal family, right? Now look again: what … [Read more...]

Spring Break Swimming with Swimways!


With our windows down and our sunroof open, we could hear the squeals of children (and teachers!) coming from the school … [Read more...]