Adventure to Atlanta and Meeting a Sweet Friend @MonkeysontheBed

Last week was spring break for our county.  The problem with the week our county so graciously selected is that it happened to be one of the coldest so far!  It’s not like we were hoping to don our swim suits or anything, but short sleeves would have been nice.  A series of events led us to make the decision to head south towards Atalanta.  A very sweet co-worker’s sister offered up her home to us and it felt like it was meant to be.


singing at legoland discovery

lego discovery center atlanta

The last time we headed to Atlanta was for a Braves baseball game.  I wanted so badly to meet up with a very special friend I have never met in person, but feel like I know so well.  It is Allie who writes here at Go Graham Go on occasion.  I have known her since the beginning of blogging and have always admired her tutorials, cute ideas for kids, photographs and most importantly… her faith.  She is a kindred spirit.  This time we actually had the chance to make it happen!  She so graciously offered for us to come over for dinner, let my kids totally destroy her house and fed us an amazing meal.  What a magical home she has!  Davis loved all the crafts and Graham loved all of the room and made fast friends with Allie’s oldest daughter.

Georgia aquarium

fernbank museum atlanta

fernbank museum in atlanta georgia

Of course, we visited all of the typical Atlanta with kids locations: Aquarium, LEGO Discovery Center, and Fernbank Museum.  But, thanks to Allie, we also visited a few favorite local Atlanta destinations!  It was nice to live Atlanta like a local… well sort of.  For instance, we never would have found the sweet little book store (Little Shop of Stories) or the accompanying historical landmarks located nearby.  Not to mention the absolutely delicious bagels from Belly General Store.

Little Shop of Stories Atlanta

atlanta history

We were also able to share a few memories of our own with the boys.  Namely, The Varsity restaurant (we ate there twice) and the Peachtree hotel.  One of our favorite anniversary trips was spent there as we visited the local attractions.  It was absolutely adorable watching Graham’s face light up when he saw us drive up to that huge hotel we had been talking about the entire trip.  It was equally adorable to watch Davis cling to the elevator railing every single time we climbed those 63 stories.  “Hold on.  We’re going really, really fast” he would say.

The Varsity Atlanta

Elevator at the Peachtree plaza hotel


napping in the sky

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  1. You are so cute! And your boys are so well behaved and sweet. NOT destroyers. Especially because you cleaned my girls mess too! Catherine was quite taken with how creative and fun Graham’s imaginative games were. I hope we can meet up again soon irl!

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