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We are soaking up the summer and trying to make the most of every day. Actually, I spent a great deal of today organizing and cleaning out the laundry room (fun times)! I do feel much better afterwards.  This summer there a few key items that I am obsessed with/living in with that also leave me feeling refreshed and happy.

Eco Swim is a brand I was not familiar with until I picked up my all time favorite swim suit at Marshall’s just the other day.  I can’t believe how much I like it!  The picture above is not my swim suit, but is one of the top picks by shape magazine for “apple shaped” bodies.  So cute!  Oh, and a little useless tid bit of info about me… I’m a flip flop only wearer in the summer months.  I purchase one new QUALITY pair every summer and never feel bad about spending the money because they definitely get their use!  This year I’m obsessed with these adorable Flirty Braidy ones from Rainbow.

Currently always in my purse is my Yves Rocher (I completely love this brand) Sexy Pulp Lip Gloss in bright pink.  There are many colors to choose from, but this one is perfect for summer.  It gives your lips a nice natural glow.  Who else is slightly addicted to the color coral these days?  This Essie Sunday Fun Day color is perfect for any skin type in my opinion.  It’s a fun color that can also be “mature”.  Love.

Who has tried the new Pantene BB Creme yet?  It is brand new and (complete disclosure) I was sent this as a Klout Perk.  I don’t generally blog about my Klout Perks, but this one is completely worthy and I am so thankful for this for the summer.  We spend most every day in the pool which means I am washing my hair every day.  It was starting to feel a bit like straw until I started using this.  Also, please do not be scared by that Monoi oil.  It is completely amazing, non-greasy, slightly shimmery and really enhances a tan (not that I have a great one).  Not to mention, you smell like summer!

Happy Summer!

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  1. An oil that smells like summer? Yes, please. 🙂 I haven’t tried the new Pantene, but I’ll keep my eyees open for it. Pantene always smells good too.

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