33 Things I’ve Learned at 33

33 Things I've Learned at Age 33

{This picture was taken by my sweet 6 year old this past summer. “Mom through his eyes,” as someone put it.  Oh, my heart!}

  1. 33 feels a lot like 32
  2. My husband gets hotter every year.
  3. Kids grow fast and my heart grows and breaks more every day with them.
  4. No matter how long I spend on a project or work, I have to be content with possibly being the only one who will appreciate it.
  5. Learning to love myself and care less what others think gets easier every year.
  6. Remembering that others were/are someone else’s baby helps me with acceptance.
  7. Some people are going to leave, but that’s not the end of your story.  That’s the end of their part in your story. (thanks to Tina Smith for this)
  8. Black bean brownies really are quite good!
  9. Footie jammies on my kids will always be precious.
  10. Most of the things I think I need I really could do without.
  11. My husband can build just about anything and for that I am thankful!
  12. My body is getting older, but I can still do a mediocre right side hurdler.  Go Rockets!
  13. Your friends will still have life dilemmas, but they are much bigger now and will break your heart and find you helpless even more than they did in high school.
  14. Boys are a fun species to raise and will keep you ever tapping into your boy mom friends for support.  Go boy moms!
  15. It is never too late to remember your dream and pursue it.  I’m finding this to be true more and more every day.
  16. I still need my momma and daddy and I am so thankful to have them.
  17. Being able to call my husband of 13 years my best friend is a rare treasure and blessed gift.
  18. There will always be gas, loud noises and funky smells in my house.  Forever.
  19. Playing trains, cops and robbers and learning to shoot guns are becoming second nature.
  20. The list of people I TRULY trust is growing shorter, but the relationships are becoming deeper.
  21. My brother is still a dork, but I am still the only one who can call him that.
  22. My sweet boys have hearts that were meant for serving and are teaching me every day how to do so with a joyful heart.
  23. There really is no place like home and a good pair of cozy jammies.  And coffee.
  24. I have a new found friend in anti-aging products.
  25. I generally know every word to the songs that are being played on the Muzak in grocery stores.  Marketing at its finest, people.  “Ain’t nothin gonna break my stride…”
  26. I am now the age that I used to think was “old” when I was younger.  What in the world was I thinking?  Maybe I’ll remind myself of this post when I am 90.  Because.  That. Is. Old.  Not 33.
  27. God continues to amaze me with the blessings he gives.  Who would’ve ever thought that half the things that have happened in my life would have occurred?  So amazed!
  28. Every once in a while I catch a glimpse of how the boys will be when they are teens or adults and I smile and am filled with pride.
  29. I am still surrounded by wonderful and excellent mentors that are wise in years and faith.
  30. Even though I can see more of the political, I am still hopeful for truth, the good guy and for wrongs to be righted.
  31. I have found that some of the most important things in life happen in the small moments and when you least expect them.  I don’t want to miss them.
  32. I still have so, so much to learn…
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  1. Love this! I’m 32 and BB and CC are starting to have new meaning to me as well, lol

    Go boy moms!

  2. This is awesome. Happy birthday!!

  3. Isn’t it funny how the older we get, the more we’ve learned, and the less we know?

    I love your list. 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday! Time seems to slip by!

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