3 Free Printable, Re-usable School Lunch Organizing Ideas #LaminateIt {Fellowes Laminator GIVEAWAY}

This time last year we were gearing up for Kindergarten and I shared with you all a few things we were doing to help Graham while using our Fellowes Laminator.  It came in very handy for preparing him for back to school.  I could easily laminate different hand-writing charts, math games, sight word charts and more!  So, when we were asked by Fellowes and The Motherhood to come up with more fun back to school ideas in another sponsored campaign I was so excited!  These are the types of things I love!

Because we focused so much on academic things for Graham last year, I really wanted to find more ways to organize my life for back to school.  The one thing I want to focus more on this year are Graham’s lunches.  It seems like I started out with all kinds of gusto and then lost my gumption mid-year.  I needed to be more organized and life seemed to be taking over.  So, I am excited to share with you three ways we are using the Fellowes Saturn2 95 Laminator to get us prepared for the 185 school lunches to come (yes, 185)!

fellowes saturn2 95 laminator

All of these ideas are free and ready for you to print.  The laminator is wonderful because it adds the “re-usable” touch to it saving us time and money in the long run (I just spent $79 on printer ink.  That’s like one night away in a decent hotel room).  I also appreciate the ease of use of the Saturn2 95.  It takes it about 5 minutes to warm up and then you are ready to go!  Just slip your papers into the laminator sheets, line them up with the handy guides and watch the laminator pull it through.  In just a few seconds you have a perfectly laminated document that you can trim to size.  If you happen to get things off centered and jammed there is also a built in release lever that makes sticky situations easier.  Also, the heat stays inside of the machine thanks to the HeatGuard™ Technology so that it is comfortable to use and keeps little hands safe.  I have literally been laminating all day!  Watch out dog… you are next (totally kidding).

Lunch Menus

These are absolutely adorable and I think will add a fun spin to lunch this year.  Graham’s lunch box has a little pocket in the front that I can slip this in so that he can pull it out and take inventory.  I’m wondering what kinds of conversations this will bring up at the lunch table.  I know whenever there is something new and unique the kids all ask questions.  Print these out from Classic Play, laminate and fill in with a dry erase marker.

printable lunch menus

Lunch Chart

I found this on the Martha Stewart website and the original use is to print on magnetic paper and then print out the different foods.  While I think that is an adorable idea, it is somewhat limiting.  So, I decided to print out just the chart (lists main food, fruit/veggie, snack, and dessert), laminate it, pop some stick on magnets to the back and use a dry erase marker to plan lunches together with Graham for the week.  This way he is involved and I am organized.  It’s a win/win!

printable lunch chart

Lunch Survey

The counselor in me absolutely loves this idea!  My mind is so geared towards surveying how I am doing, what results we have and changing things that need to be changed.  I’m not sure if Graham is quite ready for this (since he wastes a lot of time at lunch anyway), but I could definitely see this working for older elementary school aged kids.  Just print off the survey from June Pfaff Daley, laminate it and make sure to send a small dry erase marker in the lunch bag.  Now you can see just how “great” your lunches really are, make needed changes as well as see how your child’s day is going.  Perfect!  I can also see this being a great thing for a student who is new to a school.  Lunch can be a very scary time and this might help break the ice with others sitting around or just keep them occupied.

lunch survey

More Ideas

If you are looking for even more back-to-school inspired ideas for laminating, make sure to check out my Pinterest Board, the Fellowes Idea Center or the Fellowes Classroom Creativity Pinterest Board.

Want Your Favorite Teacher to Win a Fellowes Laminator and Classroom Prize Pack?

Make sure to check out the Celebration of SuperStar Teachers contest going on at the Fellowes Facebook page right now.  Just make sure to “like” Fellowes on Facebook, nominate your teacher, and get “likes” for your teacher.  The teacher with the most “likes” wins.  The contest will be open until September 30th.

Now one lucky Go Graham Go reader will win a Fellowes Saturn2 95 Laminator (you could even give it to your favorite teacher)!  Here’s How:

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This post is part of a sponsored campaign by Fellowes and The Motherhood.  All ideas and opinions are my own.  Please see my terms of use for more info.

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  1. I like the laminated shapes idea.

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    I like the sum it up math board.

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    I would use this idea – http://pinterest.com/pin/217791331952873244/
    for helping my grandson learn numbers and colors.

  4. latanya says:

    Learning numbers and colors at the same time? http://pinterest.com/pin/217791331952873244/

  5. Jennifer T. says:

    I’ve been working with money counting with my daughter. So, the following sheets would be good to laminate and work on with her.

  6. I am working on math with my daughter so I chose the : math is more fun with laminated flash cards.

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  8. I would laminate their class, camp, and sports awards. That makes them last longer.

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    DIY Time! Make keeping track of students’ birthdays easy with these colorful laminated charts.

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    The sum it up math board would be very helpful.

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    I love the math reusable work sheets

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    I would definitely use it for laminating worksheets or sheets of paper so they can be re-used!

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