25 Activities for Kids to Do on a Cold Day #HPFamilyTime

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Even if you are reading from a usually warm location (Florida for example) you have been experiencing some extremely cold temps.  Well, here in North Carolina where you can wear a parka one day and shorts the next, we have been freezing!  All of that freezing cold weather has meant a few things for us.  Schools have been closed due to the fact that our buses aren’t equipped for extreme cold temperatures and tiny bus riders are also not equipped for standing in that cold.  For us that has meant finding creative ways to spend our times indoors.  There have been many dance parties, train tracks connected, books read and technology usage.

hp slate 7 plus

One of Davis’s favorites has been the new HP Slate 7 Plus we were sent a few weeks ago.  It has been a cinch for me to download free educational games for Davis as well as hop on and check my emails.  Because the Slate works with Google Chrome I just logged in and had virtually everything I needed at my finger tips from the get go.  It is light enough to take anywhere and stash away in my purse, but it is also the perfect size for little hands.  Davis has laid claim to this tablet and it seems to be working well for him.  So far, it has traveled with us to restaurants, car trips, running errands and more.

hp slate 7 plus lock screen

hp slate 7 home screen

The Slate is also a cinch to wirelessly print with.  I can find cute DIY ideas from the couch and print them off the instant I find them.  We have even found a few cute printable for Davis to print out.  The HP Slate 7 Plus also includes a front a rear camera.  While the resolution isn’t professional quality, it is fun for Davis and can be great for a quick picture to snap while you are in the moment.  Sometimes the best pictures come from spontaneity.  It is also nice that this tablet has the ability to multi-task.  How many of us busy mommas can relate to that?  A tablet with our brain! 🙂  The best part is the price: $149.99.

25 Activities for Kids on a Cold Day

25 Things for Kids to Do On a Cold Day

1. Hot chocolate and a good movie

2. Print off these Woodland Animal Finger Puppets and create a landscape to play

3. Drink homemade lemonade out of these Mustache Straws

4. Make these Vanilla Scented Bubbles and watch them freeze outdoors

5. Make the world’s longest train track and race those trains!

6. Pump up the volume on your favorite dance music and shake it like no one is watching

7. Have a DIY pampering session with a hot foot bath and a sugar scrub

8. Read books 1-20 of he Magic Tree House series (you will not want to put them down).  Check them out via electronic library.

9. Download Light-bot on your tablet and be amazed as your child learns computer coding!

10. Make cool whip shapes for your hot chocolate and coffee and light a fire

11. Gather up your old crayon bits and make your own fun shaped crayons

12. Have Nutella and bananas?  Make ice cream!

13. Take pictures of different things around the house based on the alphabet.  Make it a game!

14. Finger paint with pudding or ketchup (less permanent mess and great when they are young)

15. Make a toilet paper bird feeder

16. Use a toilet paper tube for a train or car tunnel.  Connect them for even more fun!

17. Build a fort using blankets, pillows and chairs

18. Make homemade slime

19. Make a cheerio necklace

20. Make a paper airplane and see who can throw it the longest

21. Paint pet rocks and decorate the window sills

22. Bake cookies and give them to an elderly neighbor (make sure to check on them during these cold times)

23. Write your own play and perform it together (make up a song and dance to add to the fun)

24. Read “On The Night You Were Born” and remind your kids how precious they are to you

25. Snuggle with mama… this one if my favorite!

What have you been doing to stay entertained during these cold, cold days?

This product was sent free of charge.  These are my honest ideas and opinions.  Please see my terms of use for more info.

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  1. I love your list!! We make homemade slime & play-doh often when we’re inside on a weekend afternoon. My boys love to “construct” things out of them.

  2. Great list! We’ve been freezing here in TN too so we’ve been trying to come up with ways to stay occupied during the cold temps too

  3. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Right now my kids are upstairs playing with their doll houses! They often do several of these cool weather activities. I think their favorite is making new crayons from old ones!

  4. GREAT LIST! Even though it doesn’t get freezing here in FL for some reason it has been extremely cold here this past week. We have been spending a lot of time indoors. We just made homemade silly putty the other day and I am really tempted to get started on that banana and Nutella ice cream this afternoon!

  5. You’ve got winter doldrums all taken care of over there. If your boys ever tell you that they’re bored, you must roll your eyes in disbelief! 😉

  6. YOU are so creative. Love the list and now I am going to have to print it to keep on fridge so I can remind myself (and the kids) that there ARE things to do this cold winter season! 😉

  7. Great ideas! We’re in NC too and were tracked out of school for weeks, so we really got stir-crazy! I’ll save this for next track out (or crazy temperature days). Thanks!

  8. Great suggestions. We love indoor activities on a really cold day.

  9. What great ideas! My kids are tired of being stuck inside because of the cold. Pinning for the future so we can have some indoor fun!

  10. When I was a nanny, I LOATHED rainy days. I loved going to the children’s museum, but then again so did all the other moms on those days and it was packed!! Great ideas for getting creative inside!

  11. Tablet pc devices are great for keeping childrne educated and learning.They are good things to keep them occupied in a variety of circumstances.

  12. These are great ideas! Tomorrow is -11 so I’ll be doing a few of these activities!

  13. That’s a lot of nice things that can be done on a cold day. I have kids who love being indoors so having a few extra things to do is always nice.

  14. VERY fun!! we do a lot of dance parties, baking, organizing, and crafts. oh, and lego contests. we had a family lego turkey building contest once

  15. Great ideas, very creative! I hate for my kids to be so obsessed with technology all the time when they don’t want to be outside.

  16. What a great list. I’m always looking for things to do with the kids on cold & snow days to keep the kidlets occupied!

  17. Sadly, there has been a lot more tv watching during the freezing days. (It’s so, so bad sometimes.) This past weekend, we made a trip to the mall, just so the kiddo could run around the play area. It was a total hit.

  18. Thank you for these ideas for cold days. We are getting into a routine around here and need some fresh activities!

  19. Snuggle with mama would be my favorite too. I love to snuggle and read book with my son. The vanilla scented bubbles sound great too.

  20. I haven’t heard of this tablet before but since I’m in the market for a new tablet I might swing by a Best Buy to see if they have a demo version. And that toilet paper bird feeder is a great idea, I actually use one in my pet birds cages 🙂

  21. We love Magic Tree House! I always play them on the drive to and from school.

  22. We were trapped with a Winter Break of 23 days (not that I counted or anything). My son’s school had a pipe burst, so we could have really used these. 🙂 I’ve pinned.

  23. Tablets can be lifesavers when the kids are stuck inside! But I love this list of other things to do on a cold day because I have to pull my kids off their electronics sometimes! Pinning so I can find later!

  24. Love it!! I think I’ll make up one too. It’s getting ready to be really cold her in TEXAS again, so I want to be prepared. You’ve got some great tips too!!

  25. Pinning this! Great ideas for a rainy day 🙂

  26. These are such fun options! I needed these today – it snowed all day

  27. Betty Baez says:

    Love these! We’ve been doing a lot of #6 ;).

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