Free Advent Devotional 2014

Free 2014 Advent Devotional Download

I love creating Advent Calendar and Devotionals for the kids every year.  It is something that the kids enjoy counting … [Read More...]

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Free Advent Devotional 2014

Free 2014 Advent Devotional Download

I love creating Advent Calendar and Devotionals for the kids every year.  It is something that the kids enjoy counting down and learning more about the love of our God and I really enjoy the research that goes behind it.  Last year I created one especially for kids that went along with the Adventure Storybook […]

Rain and Snow Day Movie Ideas

Rainy and Snow Day Movie Ideas for Kids #StreamTeam

If it’s not raining it is snowing lately here in good old Western North Carolina.  If you aren’t from these parts then you need to know our saying, “You don’t like the weather?  Just wait 5 minutes.”  This Saturday we could have easily worn short sleeves while mountain biking.  Tonight more snow is expected.  With […]

Rudoph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Classic Story #Rudolph50

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 50th Anniversary #Rudolph50 {Book Set GIVEAWAY}

When I think back to Christmas growing up there are so many movies and stories that come to mind.  However, my absolute favorite has to be Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  Whenever it would come on the television it felt like Christmas was finally here!  The story is magical and the figures never get old. So, […]

thanksgiving 2013

Simplifying Post-Thanksgiving Clean-Up #kitchendishcouncil

How many of you are hosting Thanksgiving at your house?  It is what we generally do and I love doing it.  What I don’t love is all of the cleanup afterwards.  After about 10 years of hosting, we have come up with a few quick tips.  Of course, we are by no means master of […]


Wordless Wednesday: Monkey toes and bookworms…

nanny and the boys #bemyneighbor

Won’t You #BeMyNeighbor?

When I think back to my childhood there is one show that stands out among the rest.  Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood was the show I would watch right before I headed out the door to play.  I can still remember all of the characters, and most importantly, all of the values he would instill.  I truly […]


Goodbye Pet Fur #NeatoVacuumBestForPets

When it comes to cleaning the house, vacuuming is generally the chore I like the most. There is just something so satisfying about watching a floor go from gross to clean! It really is nice to see instant results that make such a big difference. We not only have the two boys who are tracking […]

Bojangles' Seasoned Fried Turkey

Save Time on the Turkey with Bojangles’ #TistheSeasoning {$20 GC Giveaway}

Thanksgiving is NEXT week!  How many of you are prepared or are you still scrambling around to figure it out like us?  You would think that after hosting for nearly 12 years we would figure out all of the ins and outs.  The reality is that when you have kids and work it starts to […]


Wordless Wednesday: A hair cut and young old men…

I really just can’t follow the “wordless” rule, you guys.  I just can’t.  These boys, as much as I may walk away frustrated, they truly are like little old men who make me smile and teach me with their caring ways.  Davis sure is a big fan of parking simulators and all things cozy.  And […]

mega bloks hot wheels super race set

Mega Bloks Hot Wheels Super Race Set 8-in-1 #8in1SuperSet {Giveaway}

Building things and playing with cars go hand in hand when it comes to my boys.  On any given day you can find them racing cars and trucks all round the living room, through the kitchen and dodging the dog.  Davis was just sitting on the coffee table using his play tools to put together […]

Simple Turkey Meatball Casserole #newtradish from

Simple Turkey Meatball Casserole Recipe #NewTraDish

Just created the ultimate Ragú® #NewTraDish mash up recipe the whole family will love as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars.   Thanksgiving is almost here and we are excited to see family we haven’t seen in quite sometime.  We generally spend Thanksgiving here, which we love, but it is long overdue for us […]

Belfry's Christmas Gift

Special Christmas Book for Kids: Belfry’s Christmas Gift

If you are looking for a Christmas story to share with your kids this year, then you really need to check out Belfry’s Christmas Gift.  It is a new book from the Theo series.  I had never heard of this series until a few weeks ago and now I am completely hooked.  I can honestly […]

Acts of Kindness #KleenexCare

Acts of Care and Kindness #KleenexCare

I did some acts of kindness with Kleenex® Brand products as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #KleenexCare I work with a group of rock stars!  No kidding, what they do every single day continues to amaze me.  Most of you know that I started at a brand new school this year.  Because we […]

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