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Unique Gift for Mom + $25 Off JORD Wooden Watches

I truly am a pretty simple girl when it comes to jewelry and accessories.  I like to stick with the less is more philosophy on most occasions.  When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, I’m not usually your typical jewelry gal.  I can count the amount of times I have received jewelry as a gift […]

Helping Provide a Sweet Future for Children

One of the things I love about this blog is the fact that I am able to partner with companies and share beautiful messages with the world. Today, I am honored to be partnering with and sharing the message that Truvia® has been spreading for nearly 3 years. If you have been following along over […]

Fight for Aubree

The following story is one from a dear friend of mine about their precious little girl.  Thank you to Pampers for providing a very generous monetary donation to this sweet family in order to help them continue to fight and help make life #BetterForBaby.   Aubree was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia on October 21, 2014. […]

The Perfect Tankini for Summer 2016!

Most of us girls will admit that swimsuit shopping is not necessarily our favorite.  I have come to a point in my life where I feel like I know what styles suit me best and what I can “get away with”.  I have also come to the conclusion that being in a swimsuit is a […]

2 New Children’s Books by Shankman & O’Neill + GIVEAWAY!

If you guys have been a GGG reader for any length of time then you may remember the wonderful books we covered a few years back that were by the dynamic duo of Shankman & O’Neill.  I think I remember saying that these books were like modern day Dr. Seuss because they are that memorable […]

Spring Breaking for Fun!

Sadly, our spring break is about to come to an end.  We have only a few bitter sweet days left and we are trying to soak up every ounce.  This spring break we have spent a lot of time digging in the container gardens, planning our bigger gardens, planting flowers, riding bikes, and taking long […]

Inspiring Creativity in Kids and How Snails Watch Netflix

Inspiring creativity in kids is something near and dear to my heart.  Why?  Well, a creative thinker is also a problem solver.  Problem solvers can be wonderful members in our society by coming up with solutions and thinking outside of the box.  They can generally work well with others.  These are all qualities I want […]

The Best DIY All-Purpose Cleaner

When it comes to spring cleaning I can tell you that I am no expert.  I honestly can’t stand cleaning unless the moment strikes me.  Yes, I do go on the occasional clean streak when the house is spick and span for about a day.  Here’s the deal, when you have kids living in your […]

Portable, Customizable and Affordable Makeup: Ittse

It’s no secret that I really like to live a simple life.  Simplicity is becoming more and more a must the older the kids get.  So, when it comes to makeup I am no different.  I really don’t wear a lot of it and I like to find ways to minimize and make it less […]

Your Favorite New Spring Dress!

I know it may be hard to think about spring when it is still snowing in so many places, but I am ready for spring!  This weekend I caught a few more glimpses and it made me excited.  I love working with Chadwick’s because they offer so many different great choices that are affordable and […]

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