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why friendship is important to little boys

The Importance of Friendship for Little Boys {$75 Gymboree GC GIVEAWAY}

Growing up, I always knew I wanted little boys.  I’m not sure what it was about them, but I knew that I needed at least one in my life.  The fact that God blessed me with two makes me happy beyond measure.  Now, mind you, raising boys is not for the faint of heart.  It […]

dinotrux on netflix

Dinotrux is Now on Netflix

A few years ago I will never forget when Graham put down a book called Dinotrux on his wish list from the book fair.  Fast forward to today, and now he can watch that book come to life on screen because Dinotrux is now on Netflix!  If your kids love Dinotrux as much as ours, […]

Simple Sweet Cream Glazed Doughnut Recipe

Simple Sweet Cream Glazed Doughnut Recipe

I have a little routine when it comes to my coffee in the morning.  It really became quite the ritual over the summer, but now that school is back in, my quiet time happens on the weekends.  It goes a little something like this: grab my favorite BIG coffee mug, brew up a cup of […]

Ozobot Bit Review

Teaching Kids to Code: Ozobot Bit

I am so thankful that I grew up with a very cool uncle who exposed me to all things science and technology at a very young age.  He really helped spark an interest and even bought me my first microscope.  This particular uncle was an electrical engineer and wanted to make sure I knew all about […]

Simple and Creative Lunch Box Ideas

Simple and Creative Lunch Box Ideas

Just two weeks ago I shared with you all how I was gearing up for back to school lunches. I was trying to get ahead of the game a little bit and make life more simple for when the back to school rush happened.  Well, we are on day one of school TODAY!  That’s right, […]

How to Make Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub in a Minute!

How to Make Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub in a Minute

One question that I am often asked by readers is about my beauty routine and what products I use.  The older I get the more I have simplified things.  I also have started realizing the value of making my own products when I can.  Not only to save money, but because they are better for you […]

Our Top 5 Kids Books This Summer

Our Top 5 Kids Books This Summer

This summer has been very relaxed for the boys.  It was the type of summer I spent growing up which, in my opinion, is perfect.  We didn’t do a ton of traveling and just enjoyed being outdoors and taking advantage of the beautiful place we live.  There was also a lot of reading.  Luckily, I […]

5 on-the-go breakfast ideas for back to school. Honey Bunches of Oats Breakfast Biscuits

5 On-the-Go Breakfast Ideas for Back to School

In Just a few short weeks the back to school madness begins for this family.  I am not one of those moms that looks forward to summer ending.  I really do love the freedom that it affords us and, well, let’s be honest, I like to sleep in!  However, I have the same schedule as […]

Photo Jul 31, 1 57 13 PM

Gearing Up for Back to School Lunches

This house has been so busy this summer. I’ve worked a majority of the summer which is unusual for me and the boys have been playing in the dirt, swimming in the pool and heading to the park whenever we get the chance. Because we have been so busy, it seems as if the summer […]

How to Make Time for Outdoor Play Every day

How To Make Time for Outdoor Play Everyday

The summer may be coming to an end, but we are not ready to give up the outdoor play!  I mean, we live in such a beautiful place why would we want to?  We are so blessed to live on lots of acres that my grandfather worked very hard to earn for our family.  There […]

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