cascade platinum test

You Do Not Need to Pre-rinse Your Dishes #CascadeShiningReviews

A few weeks ago I traveled to the P&G and Cascade Headquarters.  Not only did I learn a few new things about … [Read More...]

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cascade platinum test

You Do Not Need to Pre-rinse Your Dishes #CascadeShiningReviews

A few weeks ago I traveled to the P&G and Cascade Headquarters.  Not only did I learn a few new things about P&G, but I learned tons about one of our favorite brands, Cascade!  We’ve been using Cascade for a very long time now and it has honestly never let us down.  Now, don’t get […]


Straight Talk on Straight Teeth #InvisalignTalk

I know all too well what it feels like to be the girl with crooked teeth.  Luckily, I had parents who thought it was important for me to have straight teeth and got me braces very early on.  Yes, I was the 5th grader with the monstrosity of a retainer that had to be taken […]

how to blow the biggest bubble gum bubble

How to Blow the Biggest Bubble! #JuicyFruitFunSide

There was something I truly enjoyed when I was little.  It was bubble gum.  And not just any bubble gum.  The kind of bubble gum that would allow you to create the absolute biggest bubble.  You know, the bubbles that splat all over the front and side of your face?  Those kinds of bubbles.  My […]


Wordless Wednesday: First Day Cuteness…

  “Don’t blink,” they all said. Boys, always remember Phillipians 4:13.  You are my precious soon to be men.  I love you with all of my heart!

thredup shopping haul

Back to School For Less For Mom: thredUp + $10 to spend!

A few weeks ago I received the cutest polka dot box in the mail.  It was full of several fun finds I picked up from thredUp.  If you remember and shopped the very first thredUp website then you really owe it to yourself to head back over there and check out everything they have done to […]

dog selfie

Our First Child: Ojo the Corgi

I don’t mention him that much, but if you have been following along for any length of time you have heard me mention our sweet Corgi named Ojo (pronounced O-Joe). His name comes from an old children’s show that was called Bear in the Big Blue House. When we first got him he looked like […]

shoes that fit rack room shoes

Every Child Deserves Shoes That Fit

Last weekend we took a very normal trip for our family.  It happens every year about this time.  It is the trip where we purchase school supplies and new school shoes for the boys.  They are always excited about picking out a brand new pair of shoes and it was so sweet to see Davis […]

Be a Hunger Hero

Be a Superhero for Hunger! #HungerHeroes

School is starting for us tomorrow!  It seems like summer passed us by in a blink.  Because I work in the school system my mind often drifts to certain kids while we are out.  I wonder how they are and what they are doing.  There are a few that I even wonder if they are […]

callaway gardens vacation

How Scents Trigger Memories #SensationalMemories

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful conference. You see, it is not very often in education you attend a conference that truly feels like you experienced something different (at least not for me) so this one was a breath of fresh air. This particular conference just happened to be held in the […]

5 Ways to Teach Kindness to Kids from

5 Ways to Teach Kindness to Kids #StreamTeam

Teaching kindness to small children is no easy task.  I feel like we are constantly in a re-evaluation process in our home of the best ways to instill not only a sense of being kind, but a genuine desire to love others.  What I am realizing is that kindness is not a character trait that […]

ink garden canvas print

Instagrams into Insta Wall Art: Ink Garden

I am asked quite frequently which is my favorite form of social media.  This is the easiest answer for me!  It is INSTAGRAM!  I love to take pictures and more than that, I love to look at other people’s beautiful pictures.  I truly believe that practice makes you better and Instagram has helped really refine […]


Wordless Wednesday: Sweet bloggy buddies…

// So, today’s post is not so wordless (my blog, my rules).  When I started this blog back in 2008 (good grief that was a long time ago) I had literally no idea what all it would become.  Honestly, I really didn’t even know what a blog was.  What was I doing?  I can tell […]


DIY Calm Down Bottle #CraftandCleanUp #PMedia #ad

School is only a few short weeks away for us.  We spent some time gathering our school supplies the other day at Target and even picked up a few more items for a fun craft activity that will serve us well as the school year goes on.  Most of you know that I also work […]

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