Wordless Wednesday: Our trip is done…

We said goodbye to Ocracoke on Saturday.  Man, I wish we were still there.  How many more days until next … [Read More...]

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Wordless Wednesday: Our trip is done…

We said goodbye to Ocracoke on Saturday.  Man, I wish we were still there.  How many more days until next summer?  

5 Ways to Teach Character in Everyday Life GoGrowGo.com

5 Ways to Teach Character in Everyday Life #StreamTeam

Even before I had kids I said that I didn’t care if they were the smartest kids in the class, but I wanted them to have good character.  I want to raise the kids that others want to be around and be friends with.  I want my kids to be the ones that volunteer when […]

Scholastic Reading Under the Stars

Reading Under the Stars and Everywhere Else #SummerReading

For those of you who follow me on Instagram and Twitter you know that we just enjoyed our family favorite tradition of a beach vacation at Ocracoke.  This has been our favorite place since before the boys were born and now we adore sharing our home away from home with them.  One thing remains the […]

Puracyn Firsts of Summer

All of the Firsts of Summer #PuracynFirst

With summer in full swing the boys and I have been taking full advantage! We’ve ended up in the pool most days and spend the rest of the time on our bikes (of course there is a summer nap in between). There has also been a fair share of leisurely book reading under the shade […]

ocracoke island beach

Wordless Wednesday: Scenes from our week…

  Our home away from home, Ocracoke Island,  sure feels good.  We are on Island time so I had to double check the date!

water-melon-basil summer drink recipe gogrowgo.com

5 Healthy Switches: Watermelon-Basil Summer Drink #SilkAlmondBlends

Summer can often take us in 14 different directions at once. Yes, it is a time of relaxation, but we also find ways to fill our days and weeks that can start to become time consuming. I think it really started to hit me when last week Graham said, “Mom, we’ve eaten fast food twice […]

simple peanut butter cup recipe 2 ingredients

Simple Peanut Butter Cups

I posted this picture of a peanut butter cup on Instagram and the world blew up!  I can’t take credit for the recipe.  You will find that over at the Picky Palate.  Here’s a secret… it is super simple and your kids will think you are Martha Stewart.  The look in Graham’s eyes when he […]

Lithium Coin Battery Safety

Lithium Coin Battery Safety

I have to admit that we try to be very cautious with things around here, but who would’ve thought about the fact that lithium coin batteries are in greeting cards?  You probably did because you are smarter than me… but man… I never really gave that another thought.  Also, wrapping them in tape before disposing […]


Wordless Wednesday: Mr. Fix-it…

Davis.  He has a ton of energy, but he also has a ton of mechanical want to/know how.  He reminds me of some very special men in my life.  He is pictured above with my father.  You think I could take a few more lessons?  


DIY Sand Scoops with Sea Glass Stain #iDelight

Vacation for us is right around the corner and we have officially entered the “Is today the day we leave for the beach” mode. I can’t half blame them since I feel the exact same way! We always travel to our family favorite location on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. There is a sweet […]

DIY Water Alphabet Game

DIY Water Alphabet Game

I can’t believe we are almost halfway through our summer break!  This year it seems to be slipping through our fingers faster than normal.  Then again, I think I say this every year.  Davis really enjoys crafting with me and I’m glad to have more time to oblige him.  We made this fun little craft/game […]


Makeup Primer Spray for the Summer: Skindinavia

Honestly, my summer beauty routine generally involves a splash of bug spray, sunscreen and chlorine.  I rarely leave the house with the boys just because… why would we?  Seriously.  We have everything we need right here.  A pool to splash in, woods to hike in, critters galore and a creek.  But, I do notice that […]


Wordless Wednesday: Pool Days, Cool Days…

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